#345 No wayyy!

So today was a closed weekend. And really, today was fun as! :D I rkn so, anyway.

Art is a bludge, and will be like that for the rest of the year. I explained my idea to Miss, and she liked it. Yay! So my idea is, get cardboard (I'm thinking brown cardboard, Idk, seems more environment friendly, LOL) and cut it into cards. Like all the same size, and everything. Around a quarter the size of an A4 page? Idk. Anyway, then cut words out of the cardboard, and make it have some quotes and stuff about life and happiness. And shit like that. And maybe I'll make a box to put all of it in, I don't know. But that was cool, art is rad.

PASS, yayay! So I didn't really wanna have Miss Thomas, cos then we're meant to be learning how to dive. That's embarrassing, I can't dive! LOL. Like, everyone knows, keke. So anyway, we didn't have her and we just had a sub! And he just sat on the seat and wasn't even watching us that much. I pushed Allen in, but later on he pushed me back. :L We had to share the pool with the year 7's, though, and they had Ms Percival. She's weird. But anyway, we had nothing to do, and like Anne or Anh (I think Anh?) suggested we got on each other's shoulders and like played Gladiators LOL. So I was on Holly, ahahaha, full pwnage man! :D Didn't get defeated, and then the guys started playing as well, and it was like 4 people on shoulders at the same time and shit, and then Lawrence told Yap to get on him, and then go to the deep end so me and Holly would be messed up cuz we're shorter. LOL. But then we had to change, and it was crowded, so me, Carmen, Holly, Anne and Anh went out to change LOL, and we changed in the shed and stuff, and everyone was laughing at me cuz I didn't want to bring a full towel and only had a hand towel. WELL FKU, AHAHHAA. HMPH, LOL. But that was mad as. :D :D

■ Maths, we didn't have a textbook. Mr Holmes was wearing shit that looked like the guy's summer uniform LOL. But anyway, me and Grace didn't have a textbook, and there was no one sitting next to Holly or Chungy, so I'm like, We could sit next to them, cuz Holmes would be like Wtf you doing if he checks on us, so Grace was like, Okay I'll go with Holly, and I'm like, Aw okay. So I sat next to Chungy, cos he had once complained that Grace was working too slow LOL. So like I thought he'd be working pretty fast, and I was doing it really fast (Oh, doing what. LOL.), and like he was only up to q2a when I was up to like q2f LOL. So yeah, that was cool. And talked to him, haven't talked to him in ages. :D

■ English marks, I got 1% above average. Yay. *0* But we were working in the computer rooms, and like less than 5 minutes before the bell, there was like a blackout for like a minute. LOL. And I didn't get anything saved, ahahahah.

LUNCH. Btw, by this time it was like mega mega hot, ughh. So it was full hot outside, and some people were still playing basketball? Fricken crazy! :O So me and Grace sat around with the guys, and I took Aldrich's bottle cos it was like really cool and stuff. :D And then we were all just sitting around talking about Grace's list, and then Simon Banh was like, WHAT, ISSERT # NGUYEN? Cos I know heaps about him. AHHAHAHA. But he's like older than 21? AHAHA. And Grace was all like, I HATE YOU GUYS LOL. And then she went and sat on the railing near the canteen, but then I was like, HEY GRACE, LOOK, and pointed to someone and Grace was like, .. EEEWWWWWWW. And she came back, LOL. And then in the end, we somehow started a waterfight? LOL! And Grace got full soaked, and it was like mainly her and Thomson. Thomson was like so wet, LOL. And Kabir, he was eating an ice cream and they were pouring all this water on him, full got soakedd! :L But that was really cool, and everyone cooled down and had fun. :D

■ Stupid 9O. They had swimming. Geo was boring, it was just a video and people were like all tired and stuff, ahahaha. And I whipped out my HAND TOWEL AND COOLED DOWN. YEAH, SUCK THAT BITCHES. AHHAHA.

■ Science was so stupid, ahahha. Cos we had Mr Bruce and he was like, Okay I'll let you guys leave earlier if you guys finish at least half the questions your teacher left. And me and Yvy were just soaking each other with my PRO HAND TOWEL, and then everyone finished their work and stood in front of the air cond. And then we went out and stayed closer to the station, and 9E came out to go closer to the station too, so yeah.

■ Train had air cond, yeahhh! I didn't go shopping with Grace, but went to Cabra with Kenny, Lisa, Lawrence and Nicholas, cos Lawrence and Nick were meant to get camp food. So we were walking around, and Nick had to withdraw some money, so we went with him and now like we know his PIN number LOL. And then we were walking to Woolies, but Kenny's mum called or something when we were in the first carpark and he was like, Oh I've gotta go, and then when we were at the end of the other carpark, Nicholas said he had to go. And this was like, within 10-15 minutes of arriving in Cabra, LOL. So it was me, Lawrence and Lisa, and then Lisa said she'd call her mum, and she had to wait for her on the .. like, platform 2, kinda. So Lawrence checked his bus times, it was at 2:32, and I was like, Oks I'll just go, then. And so yeah, that was pretty fail, everyone went home at 2:30 LOL. Oh, cos Lawrence didn't feel like getting camp food, ahahah. Oh, and when we were walking around Cabra, we were talking in Canto and he has like body image problems LOLLL. JK :P. But yeah, he's like, the earlier I can go home, the more I can work out. Get ripped in 3 days LOL. But yeah, it's fun talking to Lawrence. :D

■ Full started raining and shit, gahh. And like lighting. And I was under shelter, on the benches at Cabra station, but wtf, the rain was like all slanted and I still got wet. TT". Lol and tbh, I was like getting scared. Cuz there was like lighting and thunder and epic rain, and I was scared on the train, gosh. ==' But got home safety, was soo tired on the bus, such crap weather! :( [Real long post, wow]

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