#341 Giving me no sign, no interest

Happy birthday Wendy and Genvin!
Gosh, Wendy got heaaps of mad-ass presents. A Polaroid camera from Sunny with film? Zomgg! A blue guitar with like, nice sound, 2 birthday cakes, a bouquet of flowers and pretty, pink helium balloons. That is so mad, omg! :O Oh, Genvin just came home and he got 4 figures: a hippo and 3 crocodiles, and the crocodiles squeak, plus a little man that's attached to a plastic parachute by string. LOL. And he got a hat, which I saw Milan wearing, and it said Bad Girl. LOL. But whoa, these people got mad-ass presents, I didn't get shit for my birthday. Like, omg, I would've been so happy with helium balloons. LOL.

Some people got their English marks today, and so far, Nazmus has done best in English? Gosh. :( I'm worried now, gahh. Hope I did good. Like, really, I hope I did good. O__O Gotta make up for my crap-ass geography mark.

Have you guys realised how good my spelling is in this blog? Like seriously, it's good spelling. I swear. LOL. Anyway, today was not interesting, and sport was a bludge. Like a very good bludge, ahaha. Cuz then me, Vanessa, Allen, Andy, Kevin and Khoa were just sitting around and talking and stuff. Yay. Went Cabra after school and hung around with Lawrence and Kenny, in the end. But me and Lawrence were just talking in really bad Chinese, and Kenny was complaining cuz he said that we were speaking in Chinese AND English, but that's cuz we can't speak in all Chinese. LOL. Was thinking about things in the bus ride, anyway:

1. I like you.

2. I don't like you.

3. I kinda miss you.

4. I actually miss you.

5. I wish it was me. But I kinda don't, at the same time.

6. I think we could actually be friends.

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