#340 You don't know me at all

Okay, well, I'm really really tired atm. Feet are like killing me. :(

+ PASS swimming, that was fun. We didn't actually end up doing diving though, which is really good, cos I can't dive, AHAHA. Got our yearlies back and I only got 78%. I did alrriiighhttt, but all these other people did better. BUT OMG, PRO, GOT 21/20 FOR PART B, NO JOKES! AHAHA. And Lawrence, so smart, got 92%. And Yappy (ahaha, Yappy) got 94%? That's heaps good, man. :D But omg, if only I got 80%. Miss Thomas was full expecting everyone to get 80%+. RHIAHDHEIOUEWEWKFJOPEAUR!

+ .. Really tired. LOL. Umm, I'm in .. err, Wendy, Margaret, Vivian, Michelle, Christie, Grace, Vanessa 's cabin for camp! Hooray! (AHAHAHA, HOORAY, who even says that now :L) And they have a list of crap we need to bring for camp, and they had three sheets of the same thing, on our notice board. So Sophiea and Jenny just ripped it off the board LOL.

+ Stupid Grace kept trying to shove the piece of paper with the names of ppl in our cabin into my bag. So I put it back into hers. And yeah, LOL, did that on the train ride back.

+ Went to my ortho, and saw Diem there! Ahaha. Got my colours changed, I've got purple now. Like a darker purple. And oh gosh! Now I have to wear that fricken weird-ass elastic that Angela wears. Like the one that goes across your whole fricken mouth LOL. But only at night. And I have to wear my normal elastics still. Dayummm.

+ Walked to Livo. Went to Submerge! Ms Pham was there, and it's SOOO PRETTY in there! Like the whole store is like really long and pretty as, full nicer than the Cabra one. Cuz the Cabra one's really cramped, but this one is like heaps nice. It's on the same block as Westfields. So I went in, and talked to her for a bit, and cuz I saw Submerge this morning, walked past when it wasn't open yet and yeah, and I asked her when they opened and she's like, Oh at 1 o'clock today. And I'm like, Wow, I'm so cool, I'm like in her shop and it opened just today. AHAHAHA. But everyone, check it out, it's mad. :D

+ Saw a number plate, YVY·181. LOLLL.

+ Saw: Dannis, Stephen, Patrick, Brian, Lily, Carmen and her sister, I think (pretty sure) I saw Eric and Raymond and their friends (looking for Wendy's present or smth? LOL.) and that's all I remember.

+ Looked around for Genvin's present. Didn't really find nething! ): But oh welll, I guess I'll think up of something.

+ Looked around Livo. Tried on the Sportsgirl top that I wanted, it's shorter than I thought but oh well, I really want it. Full wanna go shopping again, I wish I had like $100 or something, LOL. :( My mum gave me $50, lol. But have to get Genvin's present and go to Wendy's outing at the city.

+ Bought a soft serve. Found out that Maccas sold mini iced coffees. How good, I like iced coffee, it's so not as gross. :D Caught the bus home, driver almost gave me -$1 change. Walked home, I'm really tired right now.

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