Yesterday was 11/11. Did everyone make a wish at 11:11? I did. LOL. :D

Umm.. I kinda don't want to blog about today. So boring. Got more things that are important. Point is, today I had Wee-O-Wiser and missed out on swimming in PASS. :( Then for periods 5 and 6, we had the history excursion, which was really kinda boring. Hung around with Danica, George, Troy and Kenny, and that was cool, cuz I pretty much never hang around with those guys. :D But it was really hot, fricken hell. Missed the train, took the next one, took the next bus which had no air cond, got home, took a shower. Felt so dirty after getting off the bus, so much better after a shower. LOL.


Oh, I read what you wrote on Tumblr. Err, how can I miss it, I'm following you. LOL. But anyway, I know I should .. be doing something different. And quite possibly, forget about him. But .. talking to him, I'm gonna have to do it sometime, really. I can't avoid it, and it'll be better for me to get some closure. Better for us. For all of us. I guess. And I know, I said I was gonna come talk to you after all this bs with art was over. I should. I really should. So I will.

You're such a sweet girl, thanks so muchhh. I even printscreened the post you made.

Oh yeah, so discrete. Discreet? Discrete? Dayum, both words are correctly spelt, so they're like .. have different meanings. And Idk which is which. But thanks so much, that actually made my day LOL. :DD

Northern Territory. Ahaha. Uhhm, anyway, I have to talk to you, yeah?

G.L. reminds me of Glee. LOL, which I don't even watch. UMMM, oh. You and (&) are .. Well, like, seriously, from the way you're reacting, I rkn you .. must've liked him. At some point. But you'll read this, and you'll be all like, What the SHIZZ, I NEVER LIKED THAT BLK NGGA. Well, you wouldn't say that, cos that's a very offensive thing to say. But you'd be all like, WTFX, NTY and all that. That's just what I think, though. :P

Umm.. Aw man, I don't know if I'm gonna go city this weekend! I REALLY HOPE SO. I told my parents about Wendy's party, and they were like, Wtfx, you keep going out, jeez, go out so much, blahblah, cuz the week after Grace's party, my cousin's having a BBQ for my .. nephew, who's turning 1. So yeah, I really hope I get to go city, though! :OOOO! But if I do, which do I get from American Apparel? (Btw, this is like an open question, but I was talking to Yvy about it earlier, that's all, ahaha) OMG. SO FRICKEN EXPENSIVE, FK. Oks:

OMG GOT TRUONG HWK, AWW. And getting exam results tomorrow. Pray to God I did well, or else I'm getting kicked out of the class. :'( :'( :'(!!

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