12439.) I want to tell you that "I like you." I want you to hold me in your arms. I wish I were brave. Every Thursday and every Sunday it gets harder to see you, and not like you even more. I can't stop thinking about you. I can't stop thinking that nothing will ever happen between us. I can't stop thinking.

12428.) Every time I read on of these secrets about people who are in love but are too terrified to tell the person, it scares me. If someone was in love with me, I would want to know. Love shouldn't be a secret.

12421.) I really want you to fall back in love with me and that's why I want to hangout with you soon. [But I don't know if you ever felt like that. Really.]

I don't want people to know that 12396.) I want him so bad.

12392.) I'm totally in love with someone who couldn't give me the time of day. When we lock eyes on campus, he looks right through me. It wasn't always like that. I miss the way we were. I wish I had made you stay.

12368.) You know I like you. But I can't tell if you like me too, or if you're just taking my crush on you for advantage. I wish I knew, because I can't handle being hurt again by someone like this. [I know now. Sometimes I kinda wish I didn't.]

12357.) I hate when my good friends are emotionally troubled because I'm not good at giving advice or emotional support. I wish I knew what to say! :O

12340.) Why can't you be sincere? Say what your dying to say to me, just once. I just want to hear you tell me the truth, even if it hurts like I think it will.

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