#317 Don't Quit! Not Quite!

Goshh! The girl on the right has rad teeth. LOLLL.

So like I opened up 6 tabs on my other Google Chrome window, and all of them are different Myspace links. So I'm lagging, LOL. Cuz on my to-do list, since 23rd June, I was meant to check out these bands. Never looked them up till now. And I've found other bands off other people, so if anyone wants to know what I'm downloading right now, then: Heyhihello!, The Summer Set, The Scene Aesthetic, Bless The Fall, Underoath, Madina Lake.

Oh no! So I told my mum that I had a party to go to on 29 November, and she's like, Yeah, well, we're having a party too, and I'm like, WHATTT!?! Cuz my auntie and grandma and other relatives are coming over from America on the 24th, and we're apparently having a party? GOSHH. So I'm not 100% if I can go, or something. Cuz we might change the date of our party? Idk. Rents just have to tell me what's going on. :S

I noticed that I've been posting heaps of photos for you guys recently. More opportunities for you guys to save my photos, yeah? LOL. Oh mad, guys, I can touch type. And I can touch type on my phone as well. AHHAA. But omg, I'm running out of good photos. Time to post my crappier ones. Or new ones. LOL.

So I woke up really late today. Well, not really late, but late enough. Cuz if I sleep too much then the rest of my day will be messed up, and like I feel head achey and stuff. So not very good that I got out of bed at like 11:30. Newais, so I had nothing to do, and decided to make cupcakes. And yeah, making cupcakes made me more awake and stuff.

Sooo, the second batch of cupcakes are in the oven atm, and gosh, it's been soo long since I made cupcakes. They're so good. LOL. ^^ And so now, finally, I've fricken finished the stupid to-do list I wrote on my phone from forever ago. SO YEAH, finished that, GG! Now, when you play songs, it'll come up on the menu. Cuz like, if I have things to do on my to-do list, it'll come up. But since I have nth to do, the song playing will come up. Yayyeeerr. :D

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