#311 More than I can handle

Oh hot dayum, I want gummi bears! :9

Yesterday was really funny, but kinda epic. So in geo, we're in the computer rooms, and all we do is type the beginnings of questions into Google, and laugh at the suggestions they give us. LOL. And we looked up how is..., and we got 'How is babby formed' LOL AND WE CLICKED IT AND IT WAS SOO FRICKEN FUNNY. 'HOW IS BABBY FORMED? HOW GIRL GET PRAGNENT' AHAHAHAHA LOLOL.


Yeah. :L I don't remember what else happened during the day besides that. Oh! But in PASS, we had a prac and played dodge ball, it was really fun. :D

I stayed back in the art rooms until 5:10, doing my teapot. Decided to not do a birdcage, but pretend cos I didn't know how and stuff. LOL. Cos the concept of the birdcage idea is pretty good, I rkn, so yeah. Radd. Koshila, Mariel, Kyleen, Cecilia and Trish were there too. Issy came later. So yeah, that was cool, but it started raining. :(


Yeah and I don't really remember what happened today. Umm.. art is due on Tuesday now, FRICKEN SCORE. But that's the latest, cos any later, and she won't get time to mark it for reports. Oh, I accidentally took an English textbook home. LOL.

Double ag was bludgeee. Nothing interesting happened today. I have a Truong test later, and I'm scared, cos if I don't do well, then I'm going to drop classes. Ooh, 9E got their science marks back. Cindy Van got full marks?! Crazy girl, I wish I was like that. ;( Man, if only I got in the fricken 30's for science. Fku. :(

Ag weed assignment - 45/52
Art yearly - 89%

Oh! I forgot until I was in the car ride home from Truong, but

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