#310 Summer radio, fireworks off the patio

I want thisssss, omg. Looks soo unhealthy and nice. ;d

039. We actually need to talk. It's been almost three weeks since I last spoke to you properly, and I miss you so much. I wish you'd miss me. I wish you wouldn't ignore me. I know you know that I'm there, but the gazes never come my way. So, we should do something. Talk to each other. About anything. And I'll know you're not ignoring me.

I want these shoes. But they're getting so popular, I think I'm getting over them. But I swear, you see these shoes sooo much on Lookbook.nu. So commonnn!

I wish our parties were as rad as this. They're not ever gonna be this fun, cuz since when were we rich enough to afford white clothes to screw up? But they look so happy. That's why I liked his photo, tbh. LOL.

EVERYONE HAS THIS BAG, OMG. Especially the black one of this. And I think I saw someone with red? But yeah, looks nice. :)

(don't forget)


I hope I don't forget the things we used to say, the way we used to be. We had fun, and you made me smile and feel good about myself. I miss you.

And I can't get you.

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