#307 Made in China

It's reallyy hot today. But today was pretty epic. In good and bad things, I guess.

- Happy birthday, Ashley! :D

- Ag, I got 89%? And Lawrence beat me by half a mark and got 90. Grace got like 71/75, or 71.5 out of 75. VG, GRACE! Stupid nerdass. And I think Kenny got 73, woww. :0

- Creating Connections was soo fun. We had to make clothes out of newspaper, and we made Kenny these really pretty shoes, and we put bows on it LOL. And I got like a top or a really short strapless dress LOL. And anyway, Lawrence was full dressed up like a whore AHAHAH jkjk, but his sleeves were .. poofy and he was wearing a hat, cape, bikini + boobs and thong which was apparently a nappy. LOL. And Danica P had a nice dress. Goshh, I wanted boots. Newais, some people were full covered in newspaper (George), and they set up a little cat walk thing, and it said SXC in masking tape, ahahha, was soo rad. ;D And Vanessa wanted me to keep my thing on until p3. ==' IT WAS SO FRICKEN HOT, GAHH. But that was RADDDD. ^^

- Sophiea bought like 50 of those .. ice block-y things LOL. And everyone was just sitting around eating them. Soo rad, thanks Sophieaaaa! ^^

- Science .. err, cut up a, um, cow's eye. Eugh.

- Maths, A2 got their marks backk. Danica and Nazmus, gtfo, SO SMARt, 64/65. :( And Kabhi got a question wrong cuz the teacher couldn't read his answer. HOW .. HFIDHFJEF, I'd be soo pissed. He got 62/65. That's still really good though. =='

- GRACE GOT 34/35 FOR SCIENCEEEE. FARRR. NERDASS. And Lawrence got 31/35. Oh, and I hope people don't mind that I'm just saying what they got on my blog. LOL. *0*

- At lunch, couldn't be fucked to go art room. Hung around with the guys and stuff, and omg, me, Grace and Lawrence were in the hallway, and Lawrence knew like EVERYONE that walked past. =='

- Art .. I'm fucked. Basically. :/

- LOL, apparently it was George who called me with Danica's phone 3 times, cuz he needed my Gatsby? AHAHA. And Danica called me in art. I actually picked up LOL.


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