#300 So high

So my Day Zero Project starts today! :D And last night, me and Eugene are gonna play a game, kinda. Since we both have a list, and both started on the same day, once every month we'll do both our number #'s on the list. So like, say I choose that we both do our #026, and yeah. Then the next month he chooses. So it should be pretty cool. :D

I was meant to bake cupcakes today. Ugh, so lazy to, but I'll .. hopefully I do it. LOL. *0* Oh, and I tried on the leopard print top I bought yesterday, and my mum likes it, AHAHA. So yeah. It should be pretty mad. Cuz it looks pretty much grey from far away, so it's basically a grey top. Just wear grey with anything, gosh, and it'll work.

And I realised that I only have $30 left? I thought I had $40. I wish it was $50. :( LOL. It's so

It's so cool when people paint their nails with .. layers and different colours. Like, it's cool when people paint their nails, and have it zebra or leopard print. Like how can they be bothered! But I've seen it on Fuckyeahprettynails, and some people are soo bothered. I wish I could do that. BUT I NEED FRICKEN NAIL POLISH REMOVER, HYEUYRYFGERTJKYIE! I'm gonna go update my wishlist. I realised that all the American Apparel tops I want look pretty much the same, AHAHA. TT"

And did you guys notice? 300th post. :D

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