#27 Pressure's on, Romeo

So like, I'm watching One Tree Hill right now. It's pretty epic. Was soo epic last night, gosh, full watching. Stalker guy found Peyton, and Peyton's real brother and Lucas were fighting him, but he had a tazer thing. Wow. Newais, he's not dead .. And OTH's mad.

Nothing interesting happened at school. I wasted a whole art lesson making a .. thing. Like rolling clay and cutting it and making sure it was the same thickness and long enough. But my stupid clay was too wet and stuck to the ruler and table. Eff you, clay. Gahh. So wasted a whole lesson, and Henry gave me his clay. I have a lot lot of work to do, I'm gonna have to come in at lunchtimes, soo badly. Gosh, and Grace said I make really complicated ideas. That's true. Frick. :(

Had no other picture to put up, so decided to post a Hello Kitty photo. Goshhh! There's this year 8 girl, and she's got a Hello Kitty umbrella. AND I TOTALLY WANT IT. And this other girl has a Miffy umbrella! They're really cute, and I really like them and want one. :(

Anyway .. One Tree Hill .. I think I'm getting my geo yearly back tomorrow. Stupid day 2B, missing out on PE again. And I'm in Wee-O-Wiser now? Free food? GG. --'

Gosh, I wish I had a job. I wish I had soft hair. And clear skin. And speaking of clear skin, I think my cleansers working pretty well, less black heads, not as oily, and I wanna buy a pore-cleansing mask. Oh, I sound really girly. I wanna go shopping. LOL. O______O"

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