#25 Fader, fader.

So like, it's 12:43 and I'm just on msn, and yayer, I'm talking to Nick Lee! Cuz I haven't talked to him in forever, or if I did, then the convo wasn't really that interesting, but yeah, we're talking again, and it's cool, cuz haven't talked to him in forevs. He thinks I should give up on #, though. I don't know if I should. :S

UMMM. Oh! I talked to Brendan today as well. Haven't talked to him in a whileeeee. Yeah, so today's pretty rad.

Gosh, no offence or nething, but Allen Lo is really annoying on msn. I hate it when people, they talk to you on msn, and they're just really rude, or they type with minimal punctuation. Like, I sound really bitchy or something, in saying that, but seriously man. How do you know if someone's asking a question, if there's no question mark. Like, Allen comes up to me and says:

done pass

And that's it. Is that meant to mean, I've done PASS, or, Have you done PASS? Exactly, yeah? So it's really annoying, gosh. And I hate it when I'm Away or something, and when I come back, someone has been really annoying, full like:

oi dickhead

Like, I've mentioned that it pisses me off already, but zomg, it totally does. Like, seriously, siff I'm even gonna talk to you when I come back, if you do that. Or if I do, then I'm just gonna be so bitchy and pissed. LOL. D: OH. And if I'm talking to you on MSN, and if I reply, 'Uhhuh', then it's a really high chance that I don't want to talk to you.

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