#23 Where did my mind go?

The blonde girl has pretty hair! :D

Instead of going on Blogspot and blogging straight away, I decided to change and update all my links! So pretty much everyone's there. Oh, but not Israaq, cuz I couldn't find your link. LOL, SORRY. O__O'

Random, but don't you guys find it annoying when people .. when they say the word people, they pronounce every single syllable in 'interesting'? Like normally I'd just pronounce interesting without the 'ter'. So it's 'int'resting'? Idk, ahaha.

Oh! So today was the maths non-calculator test and the major test. The maths test was surprisingly hard! I got one wrong, and it was going to be 2 or 3. :S Cuz me and Grace and some other people said it was 117*, it just depended on your protractor. So Mr Dillon checked and used Thompson's protractor, and he's like, Oh gosh, that is true. So yeah, mark there. And some people reckon with the water level thing .. Well, heaps of people wrote February, but Mr Dillon got January. So yayeerrr, I got that right. :D Hopefully the other teachers fricken accept 117*, though, seriously. Eff you, maths. :0

Major was so silly. Ms Contardo, and the tables were full .. messed up. Like, for soo many people, the tables were less than 20cm away from each other, and some other people it was like 40+cm. LOL. So that's how we roll, in major, but we only got 35 minutes to do it. But Ms Ross isn't gonna change nething about it, cuz we all got 35 minutes, not like some people got less/more. But that's so gay, I didn't finish it properlyy. But now it's just

out of 9 exams to complete

Newaais! For PASS we just had Hughes, and he just let us study. Oh, and Lawrence got two 30cm rulers and attached 3 highlighters so it made an E shape, and he was like playing with them LOL. And Mr Hughes was just watching himmmm. :L

I don't wanna go Truong later! My skin is fucking fucked, like sunburn or fucking dry skin or something, farout. :'( But my sister says it could be from stress from exams, cuz she gets it too when she's stressed. And moisturising doesn't even help. :'( Fuck you exams.

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