#22 Sweet Disposition

So like, I'm meant to be studying, yeah? Art exam tomorrow, yeah, got all this theory to remember, yeah? Okay well eff that, hopefully I can remember all the notes, or the important notes anyway. Like, bro, I remembered my 699 word English essay last night, this should be okay. I'm pretty happy I remembered it, too. Pretty rad. LOL.

Newais, so right now, I am megaaaa hungry. Like, yeah I had dinner and everything. But I'm like not feeling that great, like feeling really crap and kinda sad-ish, and Idk, I feel really empty. So that's probably why I'm blogging, as well, to procrastinate and everything. Oh, and by feeling empty, I feel really hungry. Cuz like, empty, hungry, there's a connection, yeah? D;

I think I'm actually very bad at maths. And everyone's probably like, No boii, you go Truong and you're in maths A1, sif you're bad at maths. But nah, I think I'm kinda actually bad at maths. I don't know. Trying to figure out this non-calculator question, gosh.

20. Mason records the weights of four parcels. He notes that the media is 4 1/2kg, the mode is 5kd and the mean is 4kg. What is the weight of each parcel?

Yeah, and I have to figure that out. Oh, and I'm only not studying art 'cause I've got Truong homework due tomorrow and I haven't started. And cos non-calculator is tomorrow, and I really have to get 100% in that again, or else I don't know if I'll be in maths A1. Like, people are probs thinking I'm overreacting about this not being in A1 next year, but I totally think I'm dead serious about this and that I might not be in A1 next year .. Hope for the best, yeah? :0

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