#21 You're my wonderwall.

It's soo hot right now. Maths yearly wasn't too bad, but the last question, gosh, I only figured out how to explain it when Mr Bruce was like, 2 minutes left. Soo, I got that done, yayer, hopefully my explaining wasn't that bad, that's all. And oh gosh, the Professor Smart-Idea thing! Did you guys agree with his hypothesis? Cuz I agreed, and I was pretty confused, and hopefully my explanation for it was okay. :S :S

out of 9 exams to complete.

Cuz .. this exam is most likely gonna determine whether I'm in A1 or A2 next year, and I really really want to be A1. If I drop, my parents are most likely gonna be pretty annoyed and say that I spend too much time online, that I'm losing concentration and motivation and that I care too much about clothes. And that's gonna be cut, cos .. I don't know if I try my hardest, but it's not like I want to drop. It's not like I'm not stressing out about exams right now. But I should really .. Idk, man. I'm doing worse in maths, and everyone's like, Dw boi, you'll be fine, you're in A1 and go Truong. But I don't think that means much. It's not like someone who's in B2 isn't capable of getting a good mark, right?

Gosh! English and science tomorrow, but after that, things should really be stress less. But farout, English is gonna be a killer. :S:S:S:S Fucking hope it's not gonna be hard, but there's gonna be so much to do. Science, I have to learn all my chapter 5 and 7 notes. That'd be around 17 pages or something, since my Ch 5 is 13. And then, I have to memorise my 700-word English essay, and I have to familiarise myself with the plot, characters and blocking techniques. This is really really bad. :S

Anyway, Idrc about sport and shit. :L The bus ride home was, hm, fun. LOL. Cuz I took the 2:45 after school, which I never do since I always go off at Cabra. Anyway, the 2:45 stops by Miller Tech, and all the Miller Tech kids get on, and yeah. So I'm sitting there with my display folder and trying to study, and we stopped at Miller Tech, waiting for the kids to get on. And when the bus doors close, it's pretty crowded by now but not mega epic crowded, and I was on the phone with Danica. And this Islander or New Zealander (or something) girl was like, Hey what school you go to? And I'm like to Danks, Hang on, and I'm like, Hurlstone, and she's like, Hurlstone? And I'm like, Yeah, and she's like, OHH, Hurlstone Agricultural or something? And I'm like, Yeah, and then she asked someone else what school they went to, and yeah. :L On the phone again with Danica, and I got off, and she was talking and shit. Like, there were these other guys and stuff, plus her, and then she's just talking to everyone. Anyway, she's like, So what's your name? And I'm like, Genevieve, and she's like, Whaa? And I'm like, Yeah, Genevieve. :L And she's like, Oh yeah, we don't go to Miller Tech, we're the exchange students. I'm from NZ, he's from Spain, and he's from Italy, and that guy .. he's one of the special ed students, AHAH. And she was really nice, her name was like, Dee, or something, and she had nice Puma's, and I'm like, Hey I like your shoes. :D And she's like, I don't like Adidas, LOL. But yeah, she was really nice. :L That's like, the best thing that happened today, AHAHAH.

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