2 Oct - I can't stop staring at you

Today was pretty fun, actually. I thought it'd be kinda crap, since people were going to be at Bondi, and since it's last day, no one's here. But enough people came for it to be fun, I guess. :P

So ag this morning .. Margaret was at Wee-O-Wiser. Ms Blake was just like, I've got cards ;), so some people played cards, and me, Mariel, Veronica and Anh just sat around and talked. :D Oh, and it's Helena's birthday, today! Happy birthday, Helena. ^^ Anyway, so we were just talking and that was cool.

Then English, we lingered in the main quad for a bit, and then we're like, Shiz, what if Mr Kolodziej looks out the window and sees us and tells us off, and we looked at the window, and then Mr Kolodziej opened it and told us to go to class, and we're like, OH SHT LOLL. We watched Much Ado About Nothing, and they had more actors than I thought I'd recognise. So that was pretty cool, and it wasn't actually that bad.

Recess, me and Grace left our bags with the guys, and we were walking down to the courts, but Ms Smith told Grace and Shadman off for wearing mufti, so they went office to get a uniform pass, and I tagged along cuz I don't wanna just hang around with the guys, I don't know them thaat well. ><' So yeah, and Mr Craig took forever, cuz he was on the phone and stuff, the bell rang and they hadn't gotten their passes yet, so I went to science.

Science was the best, omgg! Sir was just like, we can play Hangman, or watch a video. And then .. I don't know how it started, but we were on YouTube, and for the whole period, we all just sat around and watched funny YouTube clips, AHAHA. Like, watched some stuff from FailBlog, and Anh searched all these videos, soo funny. ^^ Like, even the teacher was laughing, and pretty loudly, kinda, and I was just like, whoa, he never laughs, LOL. And some of the links, if you're actually really bored and wanna watch it: Martial arts audition (they're dead serious about it, btw); Human tetris game; Japanese Gameshow; and aw, that's all I know they searched. >< BUT IT WAS SOO FUNNY.

Maths, Dillon came late. So me and Holly led Haley up the stairs and into room 30, AHHAHA. But then he came and we had to work. =='

Lunch. Played basketball. Why the frick at the year 8's so good? :(

PE. Hughes didn't tell me off for uniform, and we quickly ran through 3 lessons of work in around 10 minutes, AHHA. And Henry was all like, OKAY YEAH WE GET IT, cuz we were going out for a prac once we'd gotten through all the other theory. Anyway, prac! We had to verse Mr Wilson Jr.'s class in ultimate frisbee, and omg, they're really good at it. *0* We got mega pwned, didn't score anything, LOL. And later on, Wilso's PASS class versed the year 10's, and they got pwned, but at least SCORED SOMETHING. TT"

And then art! Art was mad, the teacher was like, You can do your teapots or not. So basically, we could do anything, AHHAA GG. So I worked a little on my teapot, and we were playing music, and I was listening to Stacey's Mom, and people were singing along, and we were all talking and stuff, ahhaah, was soo fun! ^^ Our art class is so cool, seriously. ;D

And then the bell rang, and me, Grace and Nicholas were going to go eat. Cuz Grace really wanted pho, and Nick said he'd go, and I said I'd go. Soo, it was just us three, and we went Dong Ba, and Angela popped in for a few minutes twice. Yeah, but it was cool, and I had a bit of Grace's pho, and we were eating and talking. ^^ And then we paid, and I had to go, cuz my train was at 3:04, and yay, hug with Nicholas (SCORE, AHHAA). I'm jk. ;D


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