#10 Longer than memories

Happy birthday, Margaret! And for yesterday, happy 18th Sunny, and happy 1 month to Danica and Ken! :D

Anyways, so I was in the shower and thinking about what I should do today. Since, like, soo many people are at Carissa's, they won't be online, so I have like all the time I want to study without distractions. Hopefully. That's how I see my day, anyway. So if people aren't gonna be online, it wouldn't kill if I blogged now, before study.

So last year or something, Mel and/or Bhavna tagged me, where you have to blog like 5 things people don't know about you, and then tag other people. I won't tag other people, cuz then that's kinda gay, but if you guys want to do it, then sure, go ahead, it'll be fun. :D Gosh, and I have to make sure I haven't previously mentioned these things, too. ><

1. Ugh, well I'll admit it, but I totally don't have a life. Like, seriously, what have I done these holidays? I've basically gone out once (to frkn Cabra/Livo), kept the computer on for like 12 hours ±1-2 hours, procrastinated with Blogger and Tumblr, signed in on msn but gone afk, studied, slept and .. tutor? T__T" So it's pretty sad, but I can't go shopping cuz I don't even have the money to, and my rents don't let me out a lot, and I have to study. D:

2. Sometimes when people say things (like, not necessarily a joke), I only get what they mean the next day. LOL, but it's not like I spend the rest of the day thinking about what they mean, though. Like, it just randomly comes to me the next day, usually in the morning when I'm on the bus. Pretty weird, yeah? Like, gosh: I came back from the toilet. We had no teacher for PASS. Avi told me to turn on the fans cuz it was getting really hot, but I was like, Aw fk you, do it yourself. Allen Lo had put my pencil case on the fan. I only realised the next day why Avi really wanted me to turn on the fans. LOL. :(

3. Uhhhm. Well, some people wouldn't know this, cuz I've kept it pretty low key. Uhhhm, don't ask me nething about it, but my first/previous/ex boyfriend cheated on me. What a prick, yeah? :0! Like there have been rumors (SHT, I always thought 'rumor' was spelt 'rumour', oh gosh) about it, but yeah, confirmation, that's true.

Gosh, can't think of more things. TT"

4. Uggghh. I have a big secret. Yeah. That's something you don't know about me. 8-)

5. There's a Tumblr app for iPods. So like, I stayed up till 2:35AM this morning, just on Tumblr. Oh gosh, this '5 Things You Don't Know About Me' thing is done really badly. LOL, sorry.

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