Wednesday 23rd (More than a dream)

How crazy was the morningggg. My sister came into my room at 6:01am, and opened my blinds, and whoa wth, it was orangey reddd! And she's like, It's so ORANGE. Cuz her friend Lawrence texted her, and she'd told dad, who had decided to take photos of it outside, and my mum was watching the news. So how epicccc! And I'd upload a photo, but I can't be bothered going on Facebook and getting a photo from my dad's account. :L And I'm so pro, text back in <1>
Anyway, today was kinda boring. PASS and art were bludge. Some people weren't here today, and it was real windy. For the whole day. There was all this dust and dirt everywhere at the station, gah. And Lawrence came during period 1, cuz asthma. Aldrich and Grace weren't here. The air smelt like dirt, omg. TT'

Oh and science was bludge. Sport, I almost fell asleep, farout, LOL. So I went to Livo Westfields after school, for the first time in like foreverrr. :0 And I've decided that although the Portmans shorts are nicer, I'll get the Dotti ones which look similar and are $30 cheaper. I also want this Dotti belt, the one with the horse. And I really think I'll get those I Love Billy brogues. And I really want a shiny purse clutch thing from Sportsgirl, and the nude nail polish there. And there's this nice bag from Dotti, too. I actually shop at Dotti a lot, ahaha. :D

She was standing there, just standing there, and he couldn't see how she wasn't the prettiest one there. Her hair danced and became tangled in the fierce wind, like everyone else's. Her skirt went past her knee, like everyone else's. Her top button was done up, like everyone else's. But his eyes were only for her. Breaking off from the group, he became nervous as he approached her. And as her friends boarded the bus, she waited for him, a smile stretching across her face.

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