Thursday 24th (Well, I was at a party ..)

ANYWAY! Today was .. um, I kinda don't remember what happened. Oh, well, I caught up with where my class was in Much Ado About Nothing. So that was good. :]

Oh! So yesterday, that blog post, that last paragraph where there's that girl? And she's the prettiest one there, and there's the guy and yeah? That was about my friend, and this guy asked her out yesterday, and they're sooo mega mega cute, omgg! So yeah, love you Jackie babes. ^^ And yesterday I gave Jackie Nic's msn and like, cool, now my friends from different schools are friends, yay. LOL.

Umm, anyway, ag and English had a sub. But like, Anh, Veronica, Vanessa and Anna G were playing this game, where you get a movie title, and you say words that are similar to it and people have to guess it. LIKE, so for example, Anna G said 'cutting something', and that'd be 'Saw', and the movie's Saw? Gah, that was a crap example, but I couldn't think of anything else. But anyway, we were all just playing that during class. ^^ Science was nothing interesting.

Creating Connections was fun! Made a tower out of newspaper, and they had snakes. Omg, I love snakes. LOL. And our one was badass, man, we found a picture of Miranda Kerr in the newspaper, and put it like a flag, AHAHA, and Kabir was like, Oh, your one's beautiful, ahahaha ;D. And Grace made a paper hat. It was pretty. And I have to pay for camp tomorrow! Omg, I'll be so mega screwed if I forgot. And sport selection was so fkn gay. Cuz I missed out Mac Bowling by one fucking .. thing, LOL, like Grace took the last spot. FAAR.

Omg, my sister gave me some Nando's, and it's so good, farout. But it was hot, and my mouth is like effing on fire, AHAHA. And I'm talking to Nick Lee right now! Omg, haven't talked to him in forever, and the year 12's are leaving really soon, and that's gonna be really sad. :( :(


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