Wednesday 16th (Lollipop)

Gah my friend's kinda annoying me now. Uhm, can't be bothered to write everything properly, so I'll just list things:

- Happy birthday, Ngoc. :]

- SRC Nominations: Me, Veronica and Kabir weren't even on the thing, and some of them didn't have Anh and Mel. So apparently there's a re-vote next week? Stupid SRC shit, fuck it.

- Subject Change: So yeah, I handed a note in today to change to commerce minor next year. I really hope I get in, cuz no joke, I don't want to do dig media. Hopefully there's not much of an effing waiting list, though, omg.

- Ag and English exam notifications: Fuck, I really really hope I don't do crappy. And I didn't study this morning, far.

- Science Skills test: I got 21/30. I was so psyched, cuz I thought I got 22. But I got 21. Vanessa beat me by half a mark. Gahh, I fail so bad at science. :( :(

- Kiss and blow: Me and Vanessa tried doing it in English, but it didn't work. Now Shelley thinks I'm a lesbo. :( And we tried it again in science, and Mr Watts was like, Girls, tone it down. Gaahh. And Andy has my Charmander card. :0

- Sport: was like, idk, newcomball. I don't know how to spell that. And we were wondering how to spell it. I'll just Google it now. Hm, it's newcombeball. Angela thinks *'s face looks like a cunt. That is so mean, LOLOL. And I don't see the resemblance, but Grace and Liza do. LOLL.

- Cabra: So many people went home so early. Hung around with Danica, Lisa, Andy and Lizzie. Then Andy and Lizzie left. Waited for my mum for like, err, 15 mins. :/

- Oh and I spanked Danica on the train. Pwn you, bitch. LOL.

- Angela's got a Tumblr. Should ask her for her link, sometime. She keeps changing her blogs and stuff; deleting and making new Blogspots to delete and everything, ahahaha.

- My internet was really crap yesterday, and I didn't recieve heaps of messages. So like, Nick was saying stuff for like 10 minutes, and I didn't get any of it, until I signed in just earlier. I feel bad, now. ><

Random thoughts right now:
1. I need more time.
2. You take up too much time.
3. 'Time, time, who's got the time?'
4. I've wasted a lot of time.

8:36PM Oh, I'm really poor right now, too. -$400 from my bank account. :(

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