Thursday 24th (Save me)

And see, obviously, from the icons I chose, I'm studying. Cuz they all have slight reference to studying and being nerdass. (Not really.)

Oh my gosh. So, I'm writing science notes, right? And I notice, I'm really really anal/neat freak. Like, I'm not joking about this, and it's really annoying me.

Cos I'm writing stuff from the science textbook, and for all the words which are bold in the textbook, I'm writing it in capitals in blue pen. And I didn't do that in the last 2 notes I've written cos I forgot, and to make up for it, I decided to do a blue, dotted underline underneath it. And now the page is inconsistent, and it's really annoying me. Like, I'm considering re-writing this less than half page of notes. Cuz it's bothering me that much.


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