Aww, today was really funn. ^^I don't wanna like have a super long post that no one's gonna read, so I'll try and make it in like dot points. Or something.

1: ART I have an idea right, but I have to figure out some aspects of it before I finalise things. Mitchell's got his idea, it's pretty maddd. But yeah, art was pretty bludge, we just sit around and talk and draw stuff. Or if you have nothing to draw then you just sit and talk and try and think of ideas. So that's how we roll, in art. I might be pretty screwed, though, cos I might have to make a bird cage out of clay. :S

2: PASS was bludge toooo. :D Cuz the teacher came late, and we were having a prac lesson. Anyway, we had to choose to play either basketball or handball, so Veronica, Anh, Carmen and stuff decided to play basketball, like with the guyssss. And it was fun, I rkn, and I got hit in the head. ==' But like, I .. hm, actually participated? Like, cuz normally I wouldn't? LOL. And Kabhi and Clement were like, fricken ninja, no joke, ahaha. ;D So that was madd. But my Rabens are like, just dead, now, =='

ASSEMBLY/RECESS Omg, the grass had like fricken pricks and shit in it, and it hurt my ass. :( And my leg was getting sunburnt and sht. Nothing really interesting happened there, Allen was flicking me so I was flicking him back. Nic got a high distinction in chem competition? Why is he so smart. :(

Oh, so anyway, assembly finished, blah blah, and then we were in the main quads, and the year 12's were chucking water balloons, and were like targetting the year 7/8's, I think? And William was there, aww, he's so cute, LOL. ^^ And I didn't get hit or nething. I was standing there, and Nick had a water balloon, and he tried being sneaky and like chucking it sideways, AHHAHA, didn't even get me. ;P And I bought a water with Danica's money, and then like three times while I was drinking, she shoved the bottle in like my face, and .. Psh, that just sounds weird, you just have to be there. :L And OH, the year 12's strapped Teague to the tree with Glad Wrap, and the year 12's put Glad Wrap around the toilet block, and Grace was in there and she opened the door, and she's just like, Wthhh, okaaay, and went under it. Umm, I got a piggy back off like several people. Cuz I couldn't be bothered to walk, LOL. OH, and the year 8's or something had a birthday, and someone had a cake, and everyone was crowding around and then Avi came back with cake, and we're like WTH, who's birthday? And he's like, Idk, I just took the cake, AHAHHA. And I hugged Avi. He's really skinny. :P

4: MATHS was boring. I don't remember anything happening. OH, Paulinna got a tongue piercingggg! It's really nice, I rkn. I like tongue piercings. ^^ And she said it didn't hurt, so yeah man, lets get one in year 12. O__O"

5: ENGLISH was soo funny. We had a sub, and we were meant to be working, but whatever. Vanessa sat with me and Yvy this lesson, yayyy. And it was only Shelley, Kabhi and Kevin in the back row, so we were kinda sitting closer. So yeah, and we were talking to Shelley for a bit, and sometimes talking to Kevin. About like piercings and tatts and shit. :L And then we're like, HEY KEVINNNN, CAN WE PUT MASCARA ON YOU? And Vanessa's like, It'll make your eyes bigger! And Kevin's so cute, he's like, REALLY? and he's all smiley and shit. :L So we got Yvy, and put mascara on him, and the whole class was watching, LOL, and she smudged so much on his face by accident, LOLL. But yeah, we got mascara on Kevinnn! :D Was soo funny, English was mad. ^^

LUNCH So after class, I was walking to put my bag down, and Eugene was like, Can I talk to you? Oh, and I hugged him. :L Yeah anyway, I was like, Uh yeah but I have to pay for camp first, and so he came with me to pay for camp, and then we went to his group and talked for a bit, then we went canteen, and I got a Billabong, yayy, thanks E, cuz he paid for it pretty much, and then I walked him back to his group and I went to hang around with the cool kids. ;D And Idk, we just hung around and talked, and I had to chase Allen cuz he took my wallet and sht, and then in the end, we sat down and people were playing Dare. Like, I walked over to the circle, and they're like, NIC, GO KISS GENEVIEVE and I'm like, Err, awkwarddd? ><

And so in the end, Nicholas went and humped the tree, and it was really funny LOL HAHA. So that was his dare doneeee. Clement did some push ups and Aldrich went over to Andy on the silver seats and slapped him on the face. :L And then it was my turn, and people were like, GENEVIEVE, GO KISS NIC ON THE CHEEK, and I'm like, Whaat, you srss. D: And then they were like, KISS NIC OR EUGENE ON THE CHEEK, YOUR CHOICE. And I'm like, What the frickk, omgg. TT" But then Aldrich was like, Jump over your leg while holding it, and I was like, Okay fine. ;D So, you hold your left leg with your right hand, and then jump over that look with your right leg. And like, yeah bitchess, I did it. :D And then the bell rang. And I got a hug from Nicholas, yaayyy. :D

5: GEOGRAPHY Nah I pretty much just fell asleep. Watched a video, and yeah, heaps of people were almost asleep. ;P And I was like, all smiley, LOL.

6: SCIENCE So that was in room 36, and our teacher was showing us a video, and like needed help with the projector, or something? I don't know, but he was out of the room for a long time. And 9E & 9I had ag, and some people passed our room, and we're like, OMGGG and went out of the classroom. Then Henry Li came and locked the door, and we tried climbing through the window, but then Trish opened the door for us so yeah. LOL. And then me and Vanessa were wondering about the crotch pocket thing in guys' underwear, so we called Shelley over and asked him about it, AHHAHA. And then we didn't reaally watch the video, it was boring. D:

TRAIN Someone has my year 7 caps photo, and I totally don't know whooo. I think Allen Lo has it, but yeah, can't be sure? Can't trust them, man. TT" Yeah and I was in the guys' carriage, and that was cool, cuz they're cool. (L), ahaha.

Mel's party tomorrowww. I'm not going, cuz like I don't exactly talk to Mel, hence I wasn't invited, LOL, sooo everyone going tmrw should have funn. :D And I've got Truong later, and don't really feel like going. I might be getting my test results back, and I'm not sure if I did REALLY good. :S But today was like, really fun, and I was smiley. ^o) LOL.

Hey little girl I think we found it tonight, I think we glow that fucking bright.

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