Thursday 17th (Don't you remember?)

Today was fun! Like, wow man, I actually remember what happened today. :L And I'll just write a long post about what happened today. Cuz I haven't done that in a while, too.

Omg, so Genvin woke up late today, farout, he went into the shower at 7:05 and got out at 7:16. Wth, man, cuz normally I finsh my shower at 7:16 - 7:18. So I was annoyed, and had to shower super quick. 4 minute shower + 4 minute getting changed. And I didn't miss my bus. :] But omg, my hair was like super wet, and you could like see through my shirt where my wet hair wet-ted my shirt. ><>

Art was just a bludge, cuz people were doing different things, and I fixed up the edges of my tile and then looked through some magazines for teapot designs. OH, Trish was like, Hey do you know where mum is? OH CRAP. Cuz she was reffering to Miss, and AHAHHA, she called Ms Ross 'Mum', ahahah. ;P PASS was fun, though. ^^ Had a sub, psh. Had that art teacher that I dislike. LOL. Anyway, we played Flag Tag, that game that Luke's group made up for the assessment. And it's like dodgeball, but you're using tennis balls, and there are several, and there are barriers across the field. You have to avoid getting hit, chuck balls at other people and make it to the other side to get your flag, and then bring it back to your side. It was rly fun, it's a good sport. Makes our sport look heaps shit. LOL. I got hit in the neck by Henry. :(

Oh, and there was that dumpling store today. No offence or nething, but it looked crap. ><>tried bargaining and everything, so funny. :P

Maths topic test wasn't that hard. It was on geometry and stuff. Me and Grace cheat a lot, LOL, like every topic test we do. ;D Then I had.. English. Oh, swapped rooms with 9E. This lesson was kinda boring, and I wasn't paying attention, cuz I was thinking about something. But I don't remember what I was thinking about nemore, though, ahaha. :0 OMG, AND APPARENTLY 9M HAD A PIZZA PARTY? OMG, HOW FUN!

Then lunch was like .. I hung around in the guy's area, didn't even go back to my group, LOL. Hung around withhh .. hm, the guys. LOL. Like, Nick and Allen mainly, then Grace came later and we sat around and stuff. And Nick had like an ice cream, and he's like, It's leaking! LOL noob. Oh, and I was really thirsty, and Charles in year 10 (I don't think I've even talked to him properly or nething) had a Deep Spring, and Vanessa's like to him, Hey Charles, she's thirsty, can she have some of your Deep Spring? Aw, actually it's kinda slack to ask him LOL, cuz like he can't really say no or anything. Aw. Sorry. LOL. Omg, bag was so heavy so I left it at the guy's place. And Nic got my bag for me, yayy, LOL. ^^

Geo was with like Contardo, nothing interesting there. Science, omg, room 36, and we were watching the video with the home birth, and there was soooo much blood, and it was soo gross, omg omg, and she was like naked and shit and you just see her boobies and they're all saggy and like, bad tan lines, man, LOL. Gahh, soo gross when she was giving birth. >< >< >< !

After school, 9E and 9I had ag, so we were all in pretty much the same area. And we were walking towards the school gates, and wtf they were locked? :O And people were like, Wtf, and crowding around, and stupid Nicholas climbed over. :( And everyone's like, Wtf and building up at the two gates, and Nic is like there on the stairs watching. Prick. LOL. Nah jk jk, he's cool. ;D And yeah, Nick Lee was like, Omg we're gonna target you on muck up, and I'm like, Whaaat! D: And Mitchell couldn't get over the fence cuz his leg! :O. Feel so sorry for him, omgg. And people were like discussing who chained the gates and stuff, I heard it was Johnny? What a big prick. Oh and I got a hug from Nicholas. Like, finally, I said I'd hug him on Monday, LOL. :D

I have work to do, but just geo. BUT, JACQUELINE AND JENNIFER WANTED TO GO LATE NIGHT! :S When I got home, I just ate all this food. SO HOT, FAROUTT.

(Hey, I miss you.)

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