Thursday 17th (Changes in the heart's beating pattern are caused by ...)

Okay. I wrote a letter, then decided to re-write it and add other letters to other people.

Dear ------,
We can still be friends, you know that right? We've gone through heaps of shit. Honestly, out of all my friendships, my one with you has probably been most unstable and almost ever changing. I admit that at times, I've been the biggest bitch out to you, and for that, I am totally sorry. I shouldn't treat you like that, cos no one should be for invalid reasons. I know you only want things to work between us, and sometimes it's like I honestly couldn't care less. But really, what's the point of disliking someone? What's the point of bitching about someone's back? Life shouldn't be spent like that, and I should treat our friendship properly. I'm sorry, and I take back all the shit I've said to you. I hope that means something to you.

Love, Genevieve.

Dear --------,
How long have we been playing this game for, it seems like it's been a while. I've finally come to the point where I believe you, and everyone else. I think things could work out if we tried and gave things a chance. Things should have probably started differently, but it's too late for that but I don't mind. From the person and way you used to be, I've seen you change, and we've become more open towards each other. I think we should hang out more.

Love, Genevieve.

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