Bentley bar

King fish w. roe, juniper and baked potato broth

Tuna, pickled mussels and octopus w. squid ink, quinoa and sea grapes

Balmain bug w. lamb sweetbread, black bean and coconut curd

Pork cheek w. fennel, black garlic and calamari

Fillet of black angus beef w. Jerusalem artichoke, Rosa radish and burdock

Creamed Brillat-Savarin w. pretzel, celery and hazelnut

Chocolate custard w. coffee, red currant and fig leaf ice cream

Macadamia parfait w. white chocolate, mint and lemon meringue

Frozen goats cheese mousse w. violet, buckwheat praline and passionfruit ice cream

Decided to quickly blog while my liquid paper dries (and it pretty much already is dry already, so that was a pretty poor excuse to take a break from studying, Genevieve), so last Saturday, Nick and his cousins invited his family plus me for dinner at Bentley Bar in the city for a fine dining sort of experience. I think it was an 8 course meal, but I'm not entirely sure. It was pretty cool, but the food took ages to come out, especially since the portions were so small, since yknow we were only tasting the food because we're obviously really fancy and stuff. The best dish of the night was the desserts, the frozen goats cheese mousse and macadamia parfait. Heaven in my mooouuuth. Normally I'd be the one grossed out by goats cheese cos it tastes so strong and zz I don't really like it, but this mousse was amazing and very very pretty and ahh just really nice. Since I don't really eat new things a lot, all the places I usually go are places like just in local areas and I don't really try anything new, Bentley has so many little elements in their dishes, things I'd never eaten before, and I can tell there's so much technique put into these dishes. So that was nice. Even though you could obviously buy like half a year's worth of $1 cheeseburgers from Maccas with the money you spend at fine dining (okay not literally), I'd say it's worth it for the experience, and it's not like you'd go like every day of the year, so it's worth it for like special events and stuff. But on the way home we still went to Maccas for drive-through soft serves and medium cokes LOL which was f, anyway trials are in less than 5 days so I should get going. Also sorry for the shit quality of these photos, there's a yellowish tinge on everything argh I hate eet


Angielyn said...

All of it looks so delicious. I must definitely try this restaurant. Was it expensive? And an 8 course meal, woooooow. That's a big meal (although it came in small portions)

Genevieve said...

Umm, I'm not entirely sure how much it was, but I think it might've been around $70-120 per person? I can't get more specific than that, sorry!

Xixia said...

Wow...all of these foods look super yummy and classy! What an amazing restaurant. :) That pork cheek looks delectable!
I just stumbled upon your blog, and I really like it! Hope we can keep in touch~

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