For everything we always wanted but never had

At Star City Wharf

So typical of me to forget to remember to clear and bring both the CF cards I have, my Canon and forget leave the battery in the charger.. Luckily for me though, I had brought my Polaroid. A wonderful night with the class of 2012 on a cruise; huge huge huge thank you to Angela and Vanessa for organising and putting in so much effort into this for all of us! Fist pumping and crowded dances on the bottom floor, inhaling helium and laughing at each others voices, the insanely windy top floor of the cruise, the Hoang Do bus ride home, sleeping at 4.30am at Danica's... The best way to celebrate the end of our prelims. But with the year 12 graduation yesterday morning and the term holidays officially starting today.. I don't think I'm ready for my HSC year to start in a little over 14 days.

To the class of 2011, even though I don't know many of you, from the few (very short) conversations I've had with some of you and tweets here and there, you will all be dearly missed. You are actually all lovely people who have a true sense of Hurlstone pride - I'm so blessed to have met people like you, and I know that you all have the potential to make your dreams come true. x

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