Green apple and Bubbly

Today, my sister and I spontaneously agreed that that yes, she should buy a new dress for her graduation tomorrow and so we went to Westfields.. didn't actually end up buying anything though, BUT we finally started our 'challenge' that we thought up of (probably around 2 months ago..) that every time we went to Westfields together, we should try a new ice cream flavour at Patagonia, an ice creamery that I'd always walked past but never actually had anything from, until we'd tried them all. :D Hehe, so while she had a scoop of green apple (I thought it was going to be weird since it was ice cream, so really it should have a creamy part but it was actually really, really nice. And not creamy.), I spent ages trying to decide which flavour, and finally settled on their 'Bubbly'... partly because it came in the cutest shade of pink, hehe. :$

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