You are a radar detector (827)

Seriously, who hasn't heard You Are A Radar Detector, but it's such a cute song. Oh gosh, I was thinking about this ages ago and I was like, Okay must blog that sometime or else I'm gonna totally forget it, but I've ended up forgetting to blog it and .. yeah. I've done that like 5 times now. And Wendy's blog kinda reminded me as well. Anyway, I realise I've gone through like so many music genres and bands since year 6. Well okay, maybe not but who would've thought that I'd end up getting into K-Pop, LOL. I remember year 6 was stuff like The Used (The Used), Hawthorne Heights (The Silence in Black and White), From First To Last (songs from Dear Diary and Aesthetic) and like System Of A Down. So weird, right. LOL. O__O Especially SOAD, I have no idea how I could be really, really into them. Year 7 was just more Hawthorne Heights and The Used, but more into Aiden and uh, Taking Back Sunday or something. Oh wait, I liked Behind Crimson Eyes in year 7. In year 8, I was more into Aiden and got into Drop Dead Gorgeous, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, Mayday Parade and We The Kings. Year 9 was We The Kings, Boys Like Girls, Mayday Parade, Nevershoutnever! and stuff. But in September, I heard B2ST for the first time. Slowly, from my happy acoustic-y stuff like Nevershoutnever! and Idk, stuff like A Rocket To The Moon and The Friday Night Boys to B2ST and MBLAQ. And now OH MY GOSH, I TOTALLY FORGOT BUT SHINEE HAS A NEW LOOK. MUST LOOK ON TUMBLR NOW.

JTETWRETWTOUEWTU9EWUTWTIQEIRQR9385R4WREWOUR. COMPARE THE DIFFERENCES, MAN, FAROUT, THEY ARE SOOO FUCKING GROSS WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO TO KEY, LOL. :C And just sayin', I think they gave Taemin long hair, but that might've been from a photoshoot (cuz Ithink he has long hair here). LOL.

Anyway, point of the blog:

Year 8 (at least around April/May 2008) --

Year 9 (at least around September 2009) --

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