Planetarium 8.40

I'm listening to Planetarium by Otsuka Ai. I always skip this song whenever it comes up in my playlist. Nick should be proud. :p I have pasta salad! Any, we finally got our science water consumption assignment back and I got 23/25! :D I'm happy that I got over 90% cuz that's crazy -- this is science. :0 But yeah I got marks off cuz apparently I didn't state the right aim or hypothesis. Well I got 1 out of 2 marks for it, so yeah.

I'm so stressed, kinda! Tomorrow, I'm going to the school cuz I volunteered to help out with the selective test stuff. On Monday, we have part II of the English assessment in period 1, the maths Common Test in period 4 and ag is due on Monday but we don't have ag, so Tuesday. The English competition's on Tuesday, too! :( I really .. don't wanna do English. I haven't even chosen my speeches, farout! :'( Fucken hate it. I don't mind doing ag as much, but I hope it turns out well. I really have to study for maths, I'm so bad with consumer! Wofqqwiorupurkjfkldshgiowye!

Oh yeah, gotta check out SHINee's new song. It's called Lucifer, according to Yvy. I don't know if it'll be good or not (so I should be Youtubing it but I'm not? Lol I'll do that in a sec) and Taemin has long hair now. When Yvy explained it to me, the first thing I thought of was Jacob Black in Twilight. HAHAHA. Omg I just watched it and the song's alright but seriously, Key and Taemin? Like seriously? Omg. TT Like Key's hair looks good when he makes it more side fringey but Taemin .. is a girl. Time to download. :3

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