Lookbook is just for me to hype (833)

So I don't know if people know this, but I have a Lookbook that has no looks on it. All I do is fan people and hype. LOL. I've noticed something which is a bit weird, but even if I can afford something when I'm shopping then I won't buy it. Like okay, that time when I went DFO in the holidays and Dotti was having a 50% off all sale stock sale, I saw these fingerless leather gloves that I totally wanted ages ago, when they weren't on sale. They were $29.95 originally and I was like, Okay stress less, I'll get them when they're on sale. I saw them for $10, that time I went DFO but I didn't get them. So the whole point of that story is like, even though I have all these wishlists or keep thinking like, Man I wish I had a ____, then I don't even know what I want anymore LOL. T__T"

Oh I want one of those baby DLSR's, LOL. Like the one Joki has, they're soo cute. I don't know if they're even good but I want a good camera that's not a fricken massive Canon EOS 350D so I can take it around. :D

I wanna go to Harvey Norman later, to get some prints done. :D And just sayin', the photo for this post is old, cuz I didn't take any photos today but needed one. TT

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