I like her hairrr and her skin tone and she probs has a nice nose and nice face. TT
Oh lol I just checked my C-Box and someone was like, Why don't you join him @ 'Nick's in the shower', haha. Anyway, so what really happened yesterday? I didn't really explain in my last post, lol. Basically, I had to go to school to hand in that note for volunteer work, give Mariel her skirt back and get stuff out of my locker. Oh! And borrow the stapler at the office LOL. So I took the 8am train and ended up doing all of that, then I hung around in the main quad, trying to fix the staples into place. It was so cold and there wasn't any sun, omg. :'( Anyway, I listened to a bit of Taeyang's new album, Solar? I have to download that laterrrr. :D I left when the bell rang, and at the station I saw DP, Nikkida, Emily, Ryan, George and Jenny. And then I didn't have enough money to get a train ticket LOL so I had to quickly borrow $10 off Emily. And yeaah, I just got my allowance yesterday and I can pay back Angela and Emily now. And my mum's giving me $25 again. Yay.

ANYWAY. Plan of Action for 2/07/10:
1. Surprise Nick and go to his house.
2. Surprise Nick with a scrapbook for him.
3. Maybe go Sushi Bay and have udon at around 2pm.
4. Get home at normal time on the 804.

OMG I HEARD GRACE GOT HER TRAGUS PIERCED! LOL. Anyway, so I was woken up at around 2:00am yesterday by Nick and then stayed awake until 6am, trying to finish Nick's scrapbook. And yeah! I was stapling that yesterday morning and Mitchell said it was really cute. And Nick really liked it. :D I was finishing up the scrapbook on the train ride and at the station, yeah. Then at the bus stop I'm like, Okay shit, I don't know what bus to catch, but I talked to this lady who don't think liked me that much but whatever, she told me what bus to catch and she looked happy enough when I said thanks and got off. And I had to guess which bus stop Nick's one was and got it right, woo yeah. LOL. :D So I called Nick, who claimed he was awake already when he obviously wasn't and therefore DID NOT TRICK ME, and yeah I surprised him. :D It was cold so I was lying on his bed for a bit under a blanket and patting his cat and omg I almost/actually fell asleep. But it was soo warm, omg LOL. :D And just saying, he was on the comp at that time so nuuu he wasn't in the same bed. :I LOL. We drove out to Maccas with Kitty and that was fun but like seriously I have no idea what to say to her. :( And then at like .. 2? we left his house and walked to the station, which was really nice keke, and went to Livo to eat Sushi Bay. :D And we shared udon and 3 plates of sushi. And that was really nice. But then I had to go home and yeah, caught the 804 and read 4 pages of my English novel and then couldn't concentrate and slept for a bit. Then I got home and Idk what I did, but then went to Truong and that was kinda fun cuz I wasn't actually sleepy lol and then got home and did English and handed it in at 11:56, with 2 questions not attempted but f that, LOL.

Oh yeah so I heard Grace got her tragus done and like whoa man dat iz so crazy and makes me feel so 'safe' and piercing-less and um oh yeah I was talking to Genvin about piercings at all and he was like, ____ looks dumb and slutty and I'm like, Wait wth what piercings do you even like? and he was like, Not many if any. LOL gg. :o

Okay so overall, going to Nick's house and surprising him = success. :D LOL. Oh, and on the night where I stayed up, he called me at like 3:40am but I had to pretend to sound really sleep and woo yeah HE BELIEVED ME HAHAHA THEREFORE I TRICKED HIM.

Yeah and now I'm sitting at home and no one else is here because everyone else went out but Genvin just went to Coles, lol, if I went then we'd probs spend like an hour trying to decide which drink to get, or what lollies to buy, or how to spend the little money we'd probably have. LOL. Decided not to go Surry Hills today because I have no money. I just have enough to pay back Emily and Angela, so that's how I'll use up my allowance this week. And oh fuck! Exit exam at Truong is in 2 fucking weeks! EVEN LESS, NOW. :S:SS

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