Zone Athletics, day 2 today. This year's Zone Aths were really crap, I reckon. Hardly anyone went, yeah, whatever. Nathan Lor is a crazy tank, full gets so good in everything. *0* Just sayin', lol. Yeah and um .. I left school early after coming 5th out of 5 in hurdles, then went to netball and hung around with them. Hopefully I managed to save Jenny's ass by saying I was her. LOL. :D

Long post with heaps of photos, btw.

My photography skills are absolutely terrible and therefore my art thing is really bad. I was so psyched for this, as well. LOL. How m-barrassing. (Lol, cuz every time I think of the word 'embarrassing', I keep thinking 'm-barrassing', teehee.) I UPLOADED THEM AND A LOT OF THEM LOOK THE SAME. THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DISTANCE AND ANGLE (BUT ONLY SLIGHTLY)! :O One of them is a crop of the original, but it's not fully cropped so that it'll look really different. :( This makes me want to cry, LOL. Christie looks kinda stiff, as well. Aw man .. I think I'll go for the 2nd last photo. FUCKING ART, THIS SUCKS LOL, I CAN'T TAKE PHOTOS FOR SHEET.

^ There's a b/w edit of this one.

^ This one covered Christie's wrists + bruises, but I don't think you would've been able to tell that much anyway. :(

^ I liked this one, but her wrists are covered too much and there isn't enough teapot/tea party action going on. :(

^ My sister said the background was too dark .. Which is true, but I could maybe edit that. :o

^ Christie's still wearing her shoes LOL but I liked it how you could tell that her shirt was wet. :o

^ Her legs/feet are really normal looking so this photo looks really normal LOL, we were trying to figure out how a dead person's legs would look. :o I like the lighting of this one, and how the sun made that .. circle thing LOL. Lens flare, as Photoshop calls it. :D

^ I like this one. Idk if I made a b/w edit of it. Hm, why didn't I .. I think cuz it just looks like she's sitting there. Cuz I told her to do that LOL, oh gosh I'm terrible at taking photos. Everyone was like, how are they still upright, wouldn't they just be like .. dead and lying down and w/e? Well that's boring, fk you's all. LOL. I FUCKING HATE THIS LOL. Oh, but maybe I could crop it .. :o

Also, Eugene the pissed off boarder decided to take a walk with Jennifer Wang and conveniently pass by me and Christie.

But after art, I called my mum to pick me up from Hurlstone, and while we were waiting and in the car, we were stalking people.

^ Sorry Phil. We said the van was a Pedo-van and yeah, kinda turned out to be your ride.. Sorry.

^ Full nice car.


^ Full smooth, I got this when my mum was reversing cuz Christie had to do her seatbelt. :p

^ So cute! The dad is carrying the kid's bag for him. :D Hey this photo looks weird. Looks like I messed something up with the dimensions, SORRY LOL.

^ We got this guy up close and he didn't notice anything! LOL. :D

^ Krispy Kreme, yay.

I thought Gikwang looked good here. Even though he's sweaty. His hair looked different so yeah .. Odd photo out, here. Dimensions aren't right. >:I

Okay I was sitting here at the computer with my cold fingers and cold hands and cold arms, and oh my fucking gosh, I feel like all this junk food! Like ice cream and chocolate. Maybe not junk food cuz if we had more mandarins then heo yeah I'd eat them. LOL. But I still feel like something unhealthy. Source = Several different Tumblr's. Fuck, I love Tumblr but my reblogs are either K-Pop idols, photos of food or random shit. LOL.

And yesterday, my sister was showing me the blog of this girl, and she makes all this cool design-y and art stuff. :D Oh, she was featured in Frankie, so maybe Vivian or someone will read about her.

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