your best friend

Dear best friend,

I'm not sure how long I've known you for. Okay actually, I've known you since year 5. I don't think we were that close when we first met and became friends but I don't really remember cuz it was such a long time ago. Anyway, I guess a lot has happened for our friendship over the years. I'm sorry for the things I did in year 6. When you mentioned it in maths some time last week, it was just kinda awkward and I don't know what I'm meant to say. I hope you're not still holding that against me, even though we seem pretty close? I hope you're not like, deep down thinking, 'This girl is the nastiest skank bitch I've ever met. Do not trust her. She is a fugly slut!' or anything. LOL. Year 7 and 8 were still really up and down, but more in the first year. I remember when you wanted a pet rat in year 7, and every day for like a month you mentioned how much you wanted it and I remember I got really annoyed and sick of it and yeah, we weren't really that good as friends back then. I remember how we used to have fights about really small things, but we'd not talk for the rest of the day. I remember when there was that 'super cute guy at tae kwon do that you were going to talk to' but you never really talked to him. I remember how you would complain about how you didn't talk to him after every time you saw him, and you talked about how he had like two older brothers that were black belt, or something? I don't remember that part well. I remember how I copied off you in the ag half yearly exam in year 7. Something about the chicks and their brooding thing. Thank you! :D I remember I got like 41 1/2 or something like that for ag.

In year 7 and 8, we were in the exact same classes for everything. We used to sit together in maths in year 8, and I remember that it was that year when we stopped fighting a lot and got heaps closer. OMG, remember that time when you said 8 + 6 = 12, or something? I told you it was 14, and you were like, NO, IT'S 12! And then you worked it out and yeah it was 14, LOL. And I remember when you arm wrestled Chung in maths and beat him. And how we used to draw on the table for maths, every time we had Mr Hundt, and we drew a stickman and drew a circle where the body part was and said he was pregnant and looked like a rat. We were so scared when he caught us, and I remember he read that part, how it said it was pregnant and that he was a dickhead. And oh my gosh, I totally remember how you drew a little book and it was called The Book of Dogs or something like that, and you put Ms Biczo there, LOL. Year 8 was really fun. OH MY GOSH, and I remember that time in year 8 I think or maybe year 7, when Kevin Sivieng and Kevin Pech and someone else that was probably Ryan was like, Hey can we borrow your bag, we're gonna swap it with Thang's cos it's the exact same and see if he notices, LOL. OH MY GOSH, and I remember your parties! Your party in year 7, and then 8 and 9 and I'm waiting for the one this year.

Anyway, in terms of friendship, we've really gone through a lot. Over the years at high school, I think you were the one that started the whole, Genevieve is lesbiano with Vanessa thing, LOL. But it's kinda developed now, and it's been established that no, I'm not lesbiano. LOL. Before you left for Korea and Japan, we even had our best friend hug on the train. LOL. To be honest, when you said, OMG I LOVE YOU! after I told you I could come over on your birthday, I was like, shocked. LOL. Totally did not expect you of all people to say that. But I'm really glad we've become a lot closer. We're like, maths buddies, LOL and we've actually been sitting next to each other since like year 7. :o Except in year 7 you and Vivian kept changing, I think.

You're really smart. :I Like in everything, you do really well. I was thinking just yesterday about our group and like, Wow we're pretty smart, considering what other grades used to say about us, and I realised that only a few of us got high 90's for our half yearlies, and you were one of them. I also think it's actually really really cool how you're learning Korean. Like seriously, I am so jealous; I wish I could speak and write and read Chinese and Japanese and Korean and all these other languages, but oh, have I been doing anything about it? Nuu. :( I just found this on Tumblr, and I thought you'd like it so yeah, for you. ^^

I don't know when we said this, but we promised each other, I think in year 9, that we'd be bridesmaids at each others weddings. I really hope you'll be there. When we're both in uni, I really hope we still talk and stuff. Maybe we'll go to the same uni. I'm not sure what you wanna be right now, but according to Vanessa, in our future empire that our group will create, you're a Korean popstar and you're our spokesperson in Korea. And you will advertise us. LOL. Nah okay but seriously talking, yeah, I love you. And I would die for you too. :D


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