Ahh, I found out in period 5 that me and Danica Prasad have the same idea for our art crime photos. :'( This is so sad, and her photography is good LOL, so I'm gonna get pwned. I still wanna do it cuz I can't think of anything else. But mine and hers are different, cuz I'm doing mine in a different place, but since we're doing it in black and white, I don't know if my setting's going to look too great. Cos really, colour is going to make a huge difference to my photo. This sucks. :( I really hope I can get it .. good, though. LOL. Cuz my photography is terrible. And I think it's weird how the teacher is like taking the whole class and we're taking photos together. I don't want people to watch me take photos and watch me set up my scene. And order my model around. And arrange everything. :( LOL.

ANYWAY, I'm excited! Lisa Lai is ordering more circle lenses, so me, Grace, Angela and Sophiea are ordering some with her! I wanna get two pairs, I really wonder what I'd look like in them! Cuz my eyes aren't even like full small Asian eyes, but they're not really big. Some people said that when they wore black/dark circle lenses, it looked weird without heavy eye make-up. Which is gonna suck for me. I don't wanna wear like false lashes and heavy eyeliner every time I wanna just wear circle lenses. :o But I don't really mind, cuz it's not like I'm gonna wear them every single day. Just sometimes, and when I wanna go out and stuff. Like parties, or something. But I really hope they don't make me look weird .. Reviews said that the GEO Angel lenses were good and didn't look, like, pixelated, so the designs were good and they were pretty comfortable? I don't know, but I was Youtubing reviews and I found like this really cute girl LOL.

Speaking of cute girls, on Monday, there was this pretty girl from James Ruse who was asking my English teacher something. When she was there, I was just looking at her and her skin was just perfect, like even more perfect than Danica's skin. She didn't wear makeup, or even if she did then she still looked really natural. I whispered to Vanessa, That girl's pretty, and she was like, Omg I know. LOL. So anyway, Vanessa Facebook-stalked her yesterday, and oh my gosh, I'm so jealous! LOL. She's smart (cuz she goes to Ruse), she's Korean, has perfect perfect skin, has wavy hair that's just wavy enough so that it looks really really nice and she was in a photoshoot that was featured in some Korean magazine, where she was advertising Sydney. Farout, why are some people like that just so, so perfect. Joanne Kim and Tasha Nghiem, oh my gosh, I am just soo jealous.

And maybe I won't start the 30 day letter challenge today. But maybe I will.

Today was really weird. I had commerce minor in period 2 and I was one of the first few to come to class. I sat down, and Wendy and Nicholas and all the other kids from 10E came in and wut, Nicholas says Julia Gillard has seriously become prime minister? I only heard about the whole issue this morning, in the car, on the radio. And so what's this, omg, we now have our first female prime minister? That is so weird, oh my gosh. Wendy spent like the whole lesson complaining about Julia Gillard. I don't know if things are gonna be that different, but okay.

Subject selection forms are due tomorrow. We had more than 2 weeks to fill these in, and I'm really glad I got things figured out early and got stressed out before everyone else, LOL. I feel really bad for Michelle, and Yvy started doubting her choices today. Genvin wrote a blog about what he did with year 11 subject selection, and lol okay I read it yesterday and it was cool, LOL, but the point is, do what you want to do and what you think you'll do good in. *Well in. There's no point doing all the crap your parents want you to do, especially when you don't want to do it. Kk, I don't wanna write about it too much, but you should just do what you want to do cuz you're probably going to do well in it anyway. Even if you're not doing well in it but you like the subject, then you'll most likely work harder and you will do well in it. For the past like 3 years I haven't done shit for PE, but I think it looks kinda interesting and I wanna do it, so f that, I'm doing it. :D Uh, no offence but parents are just making this really hard. I also really didn't want to do any HSIE subjects, so I was glad I could choose what I wanted to do. It's just kinda sad that I'm not going to have Mr Pollock or Yates anymore. I've had Pollock for 3 years, and this is my second year with Yates. And he only came back cuz we saw him at Market City and told him to come back to Hurlstone, and he did! LOL. But since year 7, I've been in Vanessa's class, and we've become so much closer and Idk, we get along well. Grace and other people even thought we were lesbianos with each other cuz we were so close. :( Yeah man, that's how tight we were. I hope I'm still going to be in like her English or maths class. But Grace is my maths buddy, and we've been in the same maths class since year 7, so I can't ditch her too, so we have to sit together in year 11 as well. :)

LOL awww. :D

Oh my gosh, Choondoong looks so much better now. Who the f wants orangey blonde curly hair, LOL. Looks so much cuter like this, plus glasses .. :D

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