Oh cool, post 789. OMG, SO ANYWAY, I just finished my history assignment! I'm happy, cos me and Jacqueline were talking in the morning and she said she wanted to finish it before Masterchef tonight, and I was just thinking to myself, Damn I'm not gonna finish it before MC, not a chance, and wow wutz dis? Only 6:46pm? What a pro, LOL. :D It's done actually really bad, lol, I did it on Germaine Greer and I wasn't really sure how much I could write on it, so a lot of it is just like the same thing, I think. I hope I get good marks for it, lol, plz Mr Pollock. :o It's worth like 10% but whatever, I do good enough in class and exams so that I'm happy? Lol.

Anyway, I got my allowance today! LOL. I'm happy. I got $25. I don't know if I was meant to get that much, and I'm pretty sure I'm not, lol but yeah, I'm happy now. :D Everyone probs thinks right now that I'm really poor, but I'm actually going alright. Genvin borrowed $20 off me and he hasn't paid me back, but that's good cuz then I won't be able to spend it. LOL. Right now, I owe Angela $15 (cuz Sir Mai's cake = +$3) and I have to buy stuff for people that aren't me. Lol.

I went to Cabra after school today! I haven't been to Cabra after school in like really really long, more than a term. I didn't hang around with like Andy and Lawrence and stuff though, I haven't hung around with them properly in like ages, last time I talked to Andy in person was when he said Happy birthday to me, but that's not really talking to someone in real life, that's just, Hey happy birthday!, then a thanks and hug. Lol. :o Zone Athletics is next Tuesday, and Lawrence has been complaining for like ages that I didn't go Regional Cross Country. LOL. Like, as if I would even make it, I've only been once. And I was sick on Zone anyway. Like terrible sick. Terribly. :o

Oh yeah, I wanted to change my URL, but everyone's become so used to stupid pettyporcelain.blogspot.com so if I change it then everyone's gonna be like Oh whoa wut, why isn't this workingz. LOL. Oh yeah! I was meant to make a wishlist from Urban Outfitters. And oh my gosh guys, buy one get one free on all sale stock at General Pants right now! I wanted this fucking tee/dress that was $40 and I really really want it and arghh I'm pissed, it was like charcoal grey and had a picture of like space-y shit on it and has write writing. That sounds kinda shit but it looks good in real life, aw fuck this, I'm annoyed, I wanna get it! :'( Oh yeah and Eugene has my ring but I don't know if he wants to give it to me, maybe he wants it. LOL. And I don't want to ask for it, that's weird. And there are the Piece By Piece canvas high-cut lace ups that I saw Lizzie has. I want them! I really want white canvas shoes right now, they go with like everything. Oh, and I realised why I'm into like guy shirts and stuff. Well, like, it's not really about what's on it. Like it is, but I think I like guy shirts cuz .. when I imagine myself wearing them, I imagine like the sleeves are like just cut and the seams are open and 'raw' looking and shit, it's not like I full imagine myself in a guy shirt and looking really skinny cuz the neck is too high and the sleeves are too long. Yeah, anyway, so I think I like sleeveless shirts. That sounds really shit but they're nice, omg. Just as long as the neck isn't too high and the print is nice then yeah I think they're nice. Cuz I really wanna get like a singlet with a loose/relaxed looking fit and it looks .. cool. LOL. :D Dw. They don't have the shirt I want on the GPC site. Ugh.


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