Athletics Carnival was today and I really wish I had more photos. I came 3rd in 100m therefore made it to relay ONLY, UGHHH, fml. Um, but I did javelin (and made 2 fouls and hit my shoulder with my own javelin in my second throw), um, 200m (I jogged the whole thing but people thought I was seriously competing, fml), 400m (full jogged it) and long jump (I came like 6th out of 9?). But yeah, 100m finals was like so nerve-racking. :o Hung around with Kristina, Veronica, Holly, Monica, Eugene, Lawrence, Kenny, Clement and sometimes Vincent mostly. Vincent did so good. o__o And so did Veronica and Katrina and everyone else, hmph. TT"

Wilson Snr was dressed up as Superman and later, his kids and wife came and his kids were dressed up and it was soo cute. :D And Phil and his friend that looks like the guy from Heroes were dressed up as Mario and Luigi, it was so cute. :D LOL. And there was a race, with all the superheroes, that was so cute, it was just all these people dressed up and yeah. :) Ugh I forgot my clip so I couldn't clip my fringe up, fml, my hair looked so bad. And Jennifer Wang is so pretty. :o Like omg so pretty. And her voice is nice. :s LOL.

After schooool .. hmm, was walking to the station with Kenny and Lawrence and got off at Glenfield. Haven't talked to Lawrence in soo long! :o I think we probs hang around most, ever, is around Athletics and Cross Country, lol. I haven't hung around with the guys in a whileee.

Oh but today was fun. I thought it was gonna be a bit sucky cuz like almost no one from my group was going, but it was still fun! :D After school, I met up with Nick. Full missed him .. LOL. And we went Spotlight and I bought some stuff I needed for art challenge 1. Anyway, I should be working on English or art or something else? Fricken, omg, I have a Truong test on Friday and Truong homework to do .. OMG I JUST HAVE SO MUCH WORK, FML. Oh, and I tried this facial mask Grace gave me, it's from Korea, it made my skin so much nicer, omg! :D Thanks Grace! (L)

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