Maths HY exam - Art major HY exam

Omg man, I really hope I did alright for maths and art. It'd be soo cool if I could get 100% in my maths exam, omg, and in art, I hope I get above 85%. :S That's only like 3 marks off, or something, though. Oh wait, no, what am I talking about, it's like between 3 and 4 marks off, yeah. English is tomorrow, and I should rewrite my story. Omg, during the maths exam, I full had Y.O.U. by SHINee stuck in my head, and the 3rd question in the 3rd part (Idk how I remember this) .. Idk, but everyone got a different answer to me, I think! :0 So Idkkkk. We had Mahfouz for art, and whne he walked out of the room for a bit we were all like, OH MY GOD WHAT DO YOU PUT FOR #? LOL. Everyone was making stuff up, I guess, so I hope I did okay?

Full can't wait until the end of this week. Nick should come over on Saturday, and Grace was talking about people coming over to watch The Lion King on Sunday. :D And then it'll be full on stress-less, and everything would be okay. I can also go shopping.

I hope things are gonna be okay. :s Time to studyyy.

Oh, it was Jordan Kerr's birthday today, and in English, he said, It's my birthday today, and I said, No it's not? And uh, yeah turns out it was. LOL. :o Happy birthday, Jordan! 16 already? Bro, I'm still 14 .. LOL.

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