Yesterday was Mother's Day, and we had a picnic, and I didn't study that much. But I planned this mad surprise for Nick. LOL. :D And he really liked it and he was really cute. Omg so non-calc. exam was today, and me, Grace, Wendy and Vivian got 100%! :D It was soo like .. when we marked it I was so worried I wrote something wrong. :( And Karen Soo's test was like just mega mega neat and 'calm' and everything, omfg, mine was full messy and shit LOL. Um, so yeah, that was good, but tomorrow is maths and art .. :s I hope art isn't too bad. I'm skipping English tutor again, to study, so I really hope I do okay.

And I should be looking up a portrait to do for art. I really hope it's not hard. :o

Omg. Um. Y.O.U. and One For Me by SHINee are like reaaally good. :D:D

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