On Thursday it was art excursion, and that was really fun, and I bought Nick a Mooks shirt, and the guy working at Mooks was really friendly. The Art Gallery of NSW was soo pretty! :o St James is full nice, omg, like the park there is so pretty with all this green grass and trees and everything. :) The art gallery was really cool too, like I expected it to be really boring, like a museum kinda, but it was so pretty. ^^ Um, at 1:30 we finished, and it was me, Grace, Joki, Christie, Mitchell, DP, Koshila, Lisa, Lisa and Annieeee, and we hung around in the city. Apparently the train guard was a real dickhead at Central, but I got off at Town Hall so Idk. I met up with them at Caps, and we took caps and gahh, they're so small, should've printed bigger ones. :o I need to go Caps with Nick one day. Omg man, full wanna go out with him again. LOL. :D

I got home at like 6 that day, cos I had to take the bus and everything as well. So much time wasted, I should've went home earlier, cuz I go to the K-Pop/J-Pop/J-Drama shop like every single time and it's not like I'm gonna buy anything .. Lol. Cuz I wasted all this time, I should've went home to study, because that was on Thursday, English short story and Truong homework were due on Friday and I hadn't finished either. :s So yeah. I was really tired that day, it was a really good day, I did a lot of things. :D


Friday was good. It was Mr Kearney's last day, though! :o He's so cool, he brought us ice cream cake and people brought food. Not much else happened on Friday at school, but I planned on handing in my English story via email. So yeah, um, it was period 6 on Friday, and we were Kearney's last class here, and he brought us two ice cream cakes and he was like, Oh, you guys can't find the camera in the HSIE staffroom? Okay wait, I'll go get it, and when he got the camera, he got Ms Fox-whatever to take the photo for us, and he's like, Okay guys, we'll have one serious one, then two muck up ones, LOL. He full wanted all these photos, like one with the girls of his year 10 commerce minor class, then with all the guys of his year 10 commerce minor, and he took like luvos with this year 11 guy, LOL. Cuz all these year 11's came in as well, and everyone was just talking and eating and stuff, aw, it was so cool. :) I don't think he knows who I am, though. :I I got 14/15 for commerce assignment, omg, I thought I was gonna get like 8. LOL.

Anyway, I got home yesterday and I was rushing my English assignment. Finished Truong homework first, though. I ended up having to finish my English story after Truong, and my Internet was just being soo weird so I had to send it to Grace and give her all my details and shit so she could send it for me. :s And I hope I don't get a letter sent home because I forgot to log into Moodle .. :S Kinda worried, cuz I forgot yesterday was Friday and I'm like, Oh yeah I'll do it tomorrow, but err I can't cuz I have to get my DET password thing changed. :o I told my teacher that I'd do it on Monday, though, so yeah.


Saturday .. Nothing's really happening today, but I think I should really be studying, because like half yearly exams are next week, tomorrow is Mother's Day and I think I'm going out on a picnic, and like .. So yeah I need to study, I haven't even looked at anything for art. And I totally forgot about the art challenges! LOL. I should do more work, oh my gosh. Oh and I'm not quitting English tutor yet. Yet? Idk. My Formspring and blogs are so dying. :'(

Since 9:00pm 7 May 2010, I have $28.05 and 12 minutes 3 to 3 left.

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