What the f, today's the last day of the holidays! :o Omg this is like a mega late upload but I only scanned the art assignment sheet yesterday, when my Internet was too slow to upload. :o I don't know when the assignment or any of our art challenges are due, so yeah. Just saying. Note: you shouldn't really rely on me to scan and upload sheets, cos there's a really high chance that I won't do it until really late. I think it should be click to view larger.

I wrote so many daily to-do lists and that was so stupid, I never finished any of that shit, man. Anyway, today I should work on art and like .. I'm really, really procrastinating English. I really hate short stories and I'm so bad at them cuz I can never think of anything creative enough and write it well enough to create suspense and whatever, man. :'C Maybe I should start something for geography, too.

What, so weird, I haven't Tumblr'd for like 5-7 days and I got +4 or +5 followers. LOL wut. :o I also remembered a few days ago that I still have a $20 Supre voucher, and I'm going to have to spend it sometime, it's invalid after a few months. :o So maybe I'll buy a skirt, but I don't know what, yet.

Time to workkkkk .. :o



This is the shit that happened last night that I forgot to mention before, on Genvin's blog. Lol nah we just got this crazy big spider in Genvin's room and it was so scary, omg, you just had to be there, but there's a photo I took, cuz Genvin wanted a photo. I'm actually doing work, I'm doing my art stuff, no jokes, it's pretty mad cuz I didn't think I'd actually be doing this but yeah I just had to mention that I was doing art on my blog and had to mention the spider me and Genvin took like 20 minutes to catch this morning. ANYWAY, BACK TO WORK, and I'll fix this blog up later. Baby, be my baby! :D


Someone wanted the commerce assignment. I don't know if they've already gotten it by now, but they wanted me to upload, so yeah, here it is, it's due tomorrow.

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