Hm, we're capped at the moment cuz Genvin keeps downloading all this shit, but apparently we're going to be uncapped tomorrow, so that's mega good, cuz this slow internet is full annoying. :o Can't load the photos on people's blogs like Manisay's and DP's. Oh yeah! I finished history last night. :D Finished the whole thing, yeah. I woke up at 1pm this morning, which really sucks, cuz I woke up at 1pm yesterday as well. :s This isn't too great cuz like school's coming up. Winter uniform also takes longer to put on in the morning, gah. Omg so capped, can't even load Tumblr pages to find a picture for this post. Omg whatever, I'm putting a photo later. >:I

Today, I should:
1. Work on art assignment or challenges, preferably both
2. Should start on English assignment, at least come up with a storyboard

I'll change the photo on my blog soon to something from Kin-Mun and Aldrich's party. I remember when it used to be that GIF on my blog, aw, the guy was so cute. :D I wonder what I'd look like if I had circle lenses. I just want grey or black ones, but maybe not black ones cuz they might make my eyes just look weird. But either way I shouldn't get like really big ones cuz they'll just make my eyes look weird. :o But I really want circle lenses, they're so .. cute. LOL. :D

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