Ughhh, history assignment is mega pissing me off, and I said I was meant to finish it yesterday, but I didn't, but I got heaps of it done yesterday. All I have left to do is the Describe the experience of a post WWII migrant group and two more examples for the last question. But fricken, together those questions I haven't done are worth half the fricken idiot assignment. Farout, like it's really annoying me. I asked my dad about when he came over to Australia and I have like a whole fricken story, but is that what the teacher wants? Does he actually just want us to recount the whole story? Or does he want it to be like written in not as much detail or like .. Idk. Cuz wouldn't the experiences of some people be different to the other people's? The question is 7 fricken marks, omg, how the fuck a I meant to keep that shit up, fkn hell. And for the last question where you have to give three examples only, I've got one, and it's the removal of the White Australia Policy, and I'm not sure what other examples there are. :I Maybe I should just stop doing history for a bit or smth, but it's fucking annoying me and like I just wanna fucken get it done. Hopefully I get good marks for it, arghh.

I'm doing art challenge 2, finally, but I'm taking photos of a doll that's like doing the same thing as me. It's like, position a doll to show either significant events of your life to date or at least 10 events in your day. Bro, I haven't done shit all day, I've just been using my sister's wooden art doll-y thing where you position it into the position you want and sketch it and you're meant to use it as like a general idea of what the body is like. They're like wooden and you can move them and shit. Yeah so I used that and I only have 3 things I did, ughh. Farout. There's so much fucking work for art, Miss Ross is seriously slack for making us do like fucken 6 challenges and 3 essays. How the hell are you meant to come up with that much bs, LOL, for three fricken essays on three different portraits, and each essay/analysis is like more than a page long, cuz you're meant to write shit about the artist or smth. Farout. The only thing I've done for the art portraiture assignment is like, I answered the 3rd part but I haven't even finished that answer, kinda, it's just the question about cameras. And I don't know what the hell you're meant to write for the 4th question, why is portraiture still very important today.

I'm just gonna keep putting photos of Lee Eun Jin for my posts for a bit, cuz she's pretty, and like .. Idk, I cbb going on Tumblr lately. My net has been so shit lately, it's so annoying, and Genvin always downloads all this fucking shit just to download smth, like he's full, Omg what should I download, even though he fucken has nothing to download, and then he'll find other fricken music to get and like fkn there's so much shit on iTunes atm cuz of all his fkn shit, farout.

I woke up this morning and like mega badly felt like going Livo and getting ice cream and walking around and maybe shopping. I don't even have money at the moment, right now. I'm so poor it's not funny. I have birthday presents due next week and I don't know if I can get them anything in time. Fricken ruining my new year's resolution, to get people stuff before their birthday. FARRRR.

And Truong test yesterday, I messed up this question and it was soo fucking easy, farout, I hope I like aced everything else though LOL cuz I'm annoyed. T__T"


So I finally finished the 7 mark response for history and mine's kinda dodgy but I don't really wanna keep doing it. I'm gonna leave it like that, cuz I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to write for the last question, so I'll ask some people when I get back to school. I have to do some more stuff for art! I have like .. 2 more photos than the last time I blogged, but I think that's only 5 things anyway. Maybe I'll take more photos later, hopefully I do. That's an easy art task done, gosh, lol, I was full procrastinating. :I

And guys, guys, I finally tweeted on Twitter! I didn't even know my URL, LOL.

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