Furthest you've gone with a guy?

Far? Lol, as if I'm gonna say what I've done, but I'm still a virgin anddd .. Errrr. Yeeeaahh.

whats cooking

Good looking. LOL. Nah, nothing, my internet's actually pretty bad right now, full slow and stuff, and I'm gonna have to, um, thing. Go off and do Truong homework. Soon. ><

do you have a picture of angela? i want to make a scrapbook shh hope she doesnt read this LOL

HAHAHA aww, I don't think so! :( Ask Vanessa, I know she has a photo; ask Vivian, I think she might have the photo of Angela in year 7, when she was pouring water over her head. Cuz my computer's been reformatted like 2-4 times LOL, and I haven't been backing up my stuff, soooo yeah. :(


Err, I'm not really thaaaat into C-Pop but I have like a bit. I don't know, really, it's just like one or two songs by several artists? So all the C-Pop artists I can think of right now that I have are: Twins, Wang Lee Hom, Stephy Tang/Alex Fong (I think? LOL), Fiona Fung, errrrrr, David Tao Zhe or smth, man, if I type any of this wrong I'm gonna feel so noooob. :( Um .. Some Jay Chou .. And two other people but I don't remember. Oh and one song by SHE.

Khun is so hot in that video. Oh. My. Gawd.

LOL, I didn't realise Lee Joon was in the vid, when I watched it aages ago! But I can recognise like everyone there except for one person or smth, keke, they're all so cool. :D

you know how you got D a mac lipstick? how much does one usually cost? cause like you got her JUST a lipstick and chocos so the lipstick is kinda expensive right?

Lol, you make me sound bad. The chocolate isn't really meant to be a big part of the present, lol. But um, the MAC lipstick was $35, which isn't thaat bad, like you could find lipsticks more expensive. So I spent around $41, which isn't actually that much, since we're pretty tight?

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