Jenny and Koshila are now in our group for PE dance, and I think it's gonna be pretty fun. We're not doing sexuality nemore .. Like I reckon if we get a dance done, it could be done really well. :D Oh whoa, I have 44 followers on Tumblr?! :O Last time I check it was 42 .. Lol, but even so, it's not even that many. :( Lol, I've always done this, but when I listen to music, I full have phases? Like I full listen to one band for like 2 weeks or whatever and then find a new band? Maybe longer than two weeks, haha, but you get the point. So anyway, when I got into Korean, it was B2ST, and then for a while it was MBLAQ, full searching vids and stuff .. But I think it's moved onto SHINee, now? :D They're sooo good, both their music, looks and dance. Full better than MBLAQ. HAHA. Well, MBLAQ are cute and stuff, but only have 3 songs which aren't thaat good, and not all their members can dance. So yeah, my new thing is SHINee. :D And everyone else is into 2PM atm, haha, I don't think they're that good, tbh. Oh! There's this bra/corset kinda thing at Cotton On Body, atm, and it's lace and I think it's really nice. I wanna get it. And is anyone going Parra anytime soon? I have a party next week and I wanna get these two singlet tops at General Pants for it, but I don't think I'm gonna go there in time .. TT" Someone tell me if they're going Parra soon, yeah? :0

We had a party for Kristina today! It was so cool, haha. Full had a cake, Sophiea brought potato bake, there were chips, Coke and lollies and Skittles and we had a proper knife (not really, cuz it was just plastic) and candles and a lighter and everything. We even dragged a table to our group, LOL. But it was really cool, haha, most things were planned/prepared, which was good. Sophiea's potato bake is really nice .. :D And everyone was chucking Skittles in the air to see if we could catch it. :D I wish we had like a camera to take photos, but we didn't. D: It was really good, though, and happy birthday, Kristina, for last Saturday! And thanks Sophiea for organising everything.

OH, they played the house videos at assembly! Damn, Macathur's video is so good, keke. Farrer's vid is so crap, the only good part is the part where McCord is like, No, no, and starts doing the hakka. LOL.

There was this girl in the bus in the morning, and she dressed nice, haha. She wore an Adidas jacket, the black one with the gold stripe along the arms, and had blue Wrangler shorts and high cut white chucks. And she had a nape piercing! And I was looking and she had a lip piercing as well, only she didn't really look good with it. She wasn't that pretty though. Idk why I had to mention this girl, but haha, I liked her clothes but Idk if I would wear it cuz it's nothing really special about it. Lol. o___o

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