Where did you buy your blue shorts?

Which blue shorts, I have a lot .. LOL. Um, one pair is from Jeans West, two are from Just Jeans, umm.. Oh, you mean the shorts I distressed and studded? Cuz they were from Just Jeans, $49.95. Um, I have a light blue pair from Cotton On, and this dark indigo pair that I never wear from Jay Jays. And I have my swimming kinda shorts that are blue and white striped but it looks blue from far away, from Gluestore! LOL. :D

I saw you at your locker today ahahah

Is this like someone from Selina's group or something? HAHAHA.

Who do you think is the prettiest in year 9?

LOL I read this and I was thinking my grade, then realised I was year 10! Well, I reckon Kelly's pretty. Hey, have you seen that boarder chick that looks like Kelly? HAHA. Well a duh you've seen her, I'm assuming you're in year 9, but she's pretty, and I reckon she looks like Kelly! But I don't really know the year 9 grade that well, probably someone from Sarah/Selina/Drina/Kelly/etc's group. LOL.

hey wheres your locker at?

It's got my name on it, near room 23, look for it! :D Nah jokes, it's 350. :P But it actually does have my name on it, and it is near room 23. LOL.

Why do i like lawrence so much... whats so good about him

Aww, I used to like Lawrence too! He's nice, a good person, easy to get along with and talk to. :P I haven't talked to him in a while, tbh. We hang around most in Cabra and at zone/regional Cross Country and athletics LOL.

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