Sounds so clicheeee. :(

i am short and fat. just wanted to let you know that LMAOO

LOL. Why thank you. o___o Aww, LOL, but as long as you're happy with what you look like then you're beautiful! You sound happy about it, LOL, so I'm assuming you are. :P

who you reckon is the smartest ppl in your grade?

Oh .. Our grade is pretty smart. LOL. :) Variety of smart people: Cindy, Ying, Karen, Thompson, Vivian, Grace, Margaret, Wendy, Ngoc, Angela, VERONICA :O, Yappy I think, Nicholas .. That's all I can think of right now, haha. :O

no, the guy that liked you LOLOL

Oh! Well .. I'm assuming he was. He liked me for like all of primary or smth plus 2 years in highschool. How crazy! If I was him, I'd just be like .. heart breaking every day or smth LOL. :( But he's cool, man. :D Sometime last year we got pretty close. :D

who does vincent hang with at school LOL. is he popular?

Oh, he hangs around with the Asian guys. LOL. Very specific, huh. Nah, that's actually pretty specific, LOL. He hangs with like Lawrence and Kenny, those Asian guys .. Not really popular, he's kinda quiet? Not really quiet cuz you can still talk to him and it wouldn't be weird .. Oh I don't know! LOL. I haven't hung around with the guys in a while. :(

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