You love it.

ewwww bro. that toilet bowl thing was grosss. ok, i feel really slack now saying all this stuff about guys who have penis problems. but its kinda funny .. LOL. im so slack

Of course the toilet bowl thing was gross, man, it's not like you come across that every day where someone tells you about their big pen touching the toilet bowl. LOL. O__OO It's kinda funny but LOL wtf am I meant to say. ;__; Keke.

howd did you go in absolute exam?

I REALLY HOPE I DID OKAY. :S :S I know I got one answer wrong in the first fricken question, even though it was so easy and everything, UGHHH. I don't know .. I just really hope I got above average? :S!

I'm not in year 9. Ross is alright, love her. Guess again. :)

Oh wow, then I'd have no idea. Year 11? o__o Ross is way cool most the time, really, but sometimes she's just so angry at everything LOL. TT"

Why is the thickness of my dick longer than the length of my dick --- LOL! that's call a 'Chode'. HAHAHAHA

Chode 13987 up, 10872 down
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I don't know where most of you got your fucking definitions for this word, but the Chode has nothing to do with a short or fat penis. It is a synonym of "taint" and "gooch". It is the area between your sac and your asshole. Why would you create a definition for something that doesn't exist, you morons?
"Last night, you mom tongued my chode."



hahahaha, chode :L . poor guy

I would be cut if I was a guy and had a chode. :(

Is it me or is Lisa's formspring's last question was from 4 days ago?

Err. I don't know. But now that I think about it, yeah, I haven't seen her questions come up on my Following page ..

ROFL so many penis comments o.o

I know. o___o

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