i love you

Aw, if this is who I want it to be, I love you too. <3

okay nvm about the macarthur square thing, im going to livo tomorrow, give me details about what wranglers you want, and you can pay me back whenever :)

Oh, there's no General Pants at Livo, but they have them at Globalise but they're not on sale! I think they'd be in Parra GPC or Gluestore or .. somewhere in the city for sure .. I don't really go to places besides that so I wouldn't know, LOL. :( Thanks so much! I can't believe you're doing this, I don't even know who you are, man. O__O LOL. (Wow, thank you thank you thank you thank you!)

Whats a wrangler?

Aw, cute. This is like the 'What's an OPI' question. :P Wranglers are a brand of jeans that I wouldn't buy unless they were on sale, HAHA.

wld the wranglers be on sale at mc sq gpc? what size are you?

Oh .. I don't know, I never really go Mac Sq .. I'm size 6.

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