OMYGOSH i dint know you wore glasses O: sexyy ;) LMAO jks they look nice though.

LOL. I've been wearing glasses since like first day of year 7 LOL TT". But thanksss! :D

What do you bring to school everyday lol

Stuff I always or pretty much always have: pencilcase, glasses, Dove Bodysilk moisturiser, black eyeliner, keys .. that's all I can think of right now .. Calculator? LOL. :D

How do you wear your CR bag?

Oh, I haven't worn it with the long strap cuz I took it off when I washed it and it's still outside drying even though I put it outside to dry like .. on Sunday or something HAHAHA. But I use the .. handbag-y straps? And my bag is so messed, the straps are like cracked inside LOL. :(

are u an achmed bilal?

Is this Nick, LOL. O__O

Do you know any thrift stores in/around sydney?

Um, not in the city, I hardly ever go there? But if you mean Sydney as in all the suburbs, etc in Sydney, then just go to Vinnies and .. that other place. Salvos? I don't go there, haha, but I go to Vinnies .. Karen (http://formspring.me/lovingfools) gets all this mad stuff from thrifting, and apparently she goes to Vinnies from Livo and Ingleburn .. :)

i am depressed, g. I can't afford a ticket to someone's heart. I'm broke-n all over again.

Dayum, I heard they were expensive. LOL. Aw, don't worry, it sucks how they can't see how badass you really are! D: I hate that, though, when you like someone but they either don't like you back or things go good and they like you back but forget about you after a while and you're left 'broke-n all over again', haha. D:

LOLOL! i'm just curious :L

Err this could be like a reply to any of the questions I've answered LOL.

i reckon yappy n diem is too scared to ask each other out LMAOO

Hmm, maybe. Like, even if they liked each other, would they even get together, y'know? Cuz Diem and Yappy are good kids, keep to their studies and stuff? (I'm just assuming, HAHA)

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