615 Oh lonely night, jigyeopgo summakhineun eodumye bam

Wendy's dedication post on her 3 months to Eric is so nice. LOL. Just saying. Cuz I went to read it just then and yeah, it's really sweet. Why is her English so good. Makes me feel so dumb, haha. :(

I hope I did alright in the Truong test yesterday. We all got different answers which really messed me up. Oh shit, I just realised where I went wrong in the first question. Like, JUST REALISED. Omg. Omg. Fml. Farout. No jokes. Omg. Cuz the test was probably easy if you studied properly, which I didn't. Omgggg, FAR. Cuz I didn't expand it properly .. FUCK. Omg. T__T""""""" Like I really HOPE I did okay, cuz I got fricken 100% for the stupid other exam, and in this test I'm kinda like .. getting different from everyone else and stuff. :S :S :S :S

Even though it was just Chinese New Year, I still feel really poor. Ughh. :S Cuz I'm meant to be saving up, yeah, and I'm like .. Really poor right now, yeah. Even though it was just CNY. Like I have money, but it doesn't count cuz I owe people and stuff? And I really wanna go shopping, or at least walk around Westfields and not buy nething, cuz I haven't just walked around in foreveeerrr. Like I wanna get some stuff even though I can't, which really sucks. Right now, I really need a job. Fully need one, then everything would work so much faster and things would be easier. Like I would pay people back faster and I could save up for things faster. If only I had a job, yeah? :(

Farout man, stupid art, we're meant to take a photo of ourselves and print it and use it as like a thing to paint for art. And I really suck at painting. And I don't want to tell someone else to take the photo for me, but I don't want to take it myself, either, so what the freak do I do now. :( Stupid art. Stupid tonal drawings and stupid paintings on stupid canvas. Faaarrr.

Oh, Soundwave's tomorrow. And no jokes, I'm not jealous, I actually don't listen to All Time Low and everything nemore .. LOL. :P

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